Monday, June 22, 2009

Candy Time, Part Two!

Now yesterday I showed you how to decorate York Peppermint Patties, today it's going to be Hershey's nuggets and this is the easiest thing ever. I'm going with the same color scheme as yesterday because I want them to all match with the candy box. I used citrus leaf, bubblegum and Dutch blue inks, the Tickled Pink stamp set, white mailing labels that you put in your computer, I recommend you get the longer ones that run about 4 1/2" I believe. You can find them at Staples and Best Buy, stamp blocks, a sponge, scrubber pad, and the nuggets. You won't need adhesive but somehow my Tombow snuck into the picture!

Lay out your page of labels, no need to separate them yet. We'll be doing a little random stamping. Stamp several flowers around your page remembering the triangle method I've been discussing (see previous random stamping posts). Here's the bubblegum flowers.

Do it again in another color, this was Dutch Blue. Fill in between the bubblegum flowers.

Add the third flower in Citrus Leaf and again fill in the white spaces.

Now do the middles, mix up the colors and the middle stamps too if you like.

Add the leaves, I am so not looking for perfection on something like this especially because most of this will be wrapped around a candy bar and ripped off so that someone can have a treat! Do this whole page quickly!

Once you are finished, peel off the labels, they should look like this, isn't it neat?
Wrap them around the nugget right over the foil that's already on them, the gold ends will show and it's so pretty. Since you are using self-adhesive labels, there's no gluing.

Here's the finished product, beautiful candies wrapped in summer colors. Tomorrow, we make the holder for them. I've already finished it and I love it! For any of the inks or other products shown here, please check out my website or feel free to email me and place an order.

Just one last thing here, if you end up with extra labels when decorating your candy, use them on an empty can to make another decorative holder!


  1. I like the candy wrappers! I always wondered how they did that. Good blog post today Barb!


  2. Cute nugget covers. Love the bright colors that you used.