Sunday, June 21, 2009

Candy Time!

I have a Close to my Heart party coming up in Battle Creek, Michigan on Saturday and I'm providing the treats and I always like to make them special. I bought a bag of York Peppermint patties and Hershey Nuggets and a cute little wooden container to show off yet another way to use stamping and scrapping supplies. In the next three days I'll show you how I decorated these starting with the peppermint patties. The candy decorating ideas aren't new, you can find them on many sites but just in case you haven't seen them before or people haven't provided directions for them, here we go.

You will need a stamp set (I used Tickled Pink which is no longer available for sale by CTMH but I do have a few extras, let me know if you'd like one), 2-3 ink pads, I used bubblegum, dutch blue and citrus leaf, a ruffled punch that's about 2 inches wide and a circle punch just a bit bigger, white paper, and a cardstock for the circles, I used Citrus Leaf, stamp blocks, something to clean your stamps with, we have our own cleaner (Double Scrubber) and spray that works best with our stamps, a sponge and the candy of course.

Now, count your candy (no eating!!) and punch out ruffled circles for every piece. Distress them.

Punch out colored cardstock circles and distress them (I used Dutch Blue ink).

Now, choose one of the spectacular stamps from your CTMH set and stamp it right in the middle of your ruffled circle.
I'm using flowers so if you do too, stamp the middle in one of your other colors.

Stamp little leaves in a nice citrus green. My leaves were a little big for my circle but who cares!

Now attach your ruffled centers to the green circles with some Tombow adhesive.

Use glue dots to put the finished pieces on both the front and back of the candy like a little decorative sandwich.

And just like that, you're done. If you think these were easy, wait til you see tomorrow's candy!
Can't wait to show you the little wooden candy box too, look for that on Tuesday.


  1. I received something similar from a secret pal at Christmas - it had a Christmas stamp on it and had a ribbon between the two paper pieces so it would be hung on the tree!

  2. Yes, I've seen that done too, so cute.