Monday, June 29, 2009

Do you follow?

I'm posting this again because my goal is 100 followers in my first month, won't you help me get there? Only 43 to go!!!

Did you ever wonder what it means to be a follower of a blog? I'm sure you've seen the little mini-pictures on the sidebars of many blogs including mine and wondered what it means to "follow" them. Let me tell you how I think of it.

Do you follow any band? How about a movie star, someone whom you'll go see at the theater no matter what the reviews were? Well, if you are, then you are a fan. To me, that's what having your name or picture posted as a follower of a blog means, it means you are a fan of that blog.

What happens if you do sign on to follow a blog? Absolutely nothing. You don't get emails or notifications or even blog posts sent to you. You just get whatever name and picture (or none at all) that you want to show publicly set in a special place on the blog you are following. Now that's nice isn't it? It's like saying "I like your blog."

Now if you follow my particular blog, Can't Stop Dreaming, during the month of June, you get entered in a drawing for a bunch of great blog candy, gifts from me, (not real candy but crafts I've made). On June 30th I will post the winner and that person can contact me and let me know where to send all their gifts. Easy, right? So look for the Follow link on the right hand side bar and sign up today .


  1. I'm a follower! I follow through Google and it has the ones I like on my "dashboard" When I hit dashboard, it gives me an update on the blogs that I've subscribed to and I can go in and read further if I so choose. I've only become a blog follower in the past couple months and I have found some great inspiration on some of the blogs

  2. Pretty clever sista'. Love it! & your mystery box links... & your blog background...oh, and stealing your countdown blinkie cause mine is boring. Can't wait to meet up in CA - 36 days and 45 minutes!

  3. Hi, cute blog! Good luck on reaching 100 followers. I like following, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and get behind on reading them.

  4. Well in July there will not be something every day, I need a break, lol.