Friday, June 26, 2009

Gift bag - so easy!

Here's a quick and easy way to brighten up a plain white paper bag. I bought a package of small gift bags at the store and knew right away that they would look better stamped. All you need is a stamp set (I used Endless Friendship), some inks (sweet leaft, crystal blue and blush), a sponge, a wiry sponge, the bag and some stamp blocks.

With a stamp of your choice do some random stamping, remembering the triangle rule (see random stamping posts from previously).

Stamp the center of the flowers, I love this particular center in this set, so goofy!!

Add leaves and then take the wiry sponge (I have no better name for it) and stamp little blush colored specks all over the whole bag. Make sure you stamp on both sides. I leave the sides of the bag white.

Distress the edges of both sides of the bag and add some little spiral stamps to the white spaces.

In about five minutes you'll be done. Find a matching piece of tissue paper and put it in the bag along with your gift. Easy!


  1. This really came out cute....have to get myself one of those "wire brushes" :o)

  2. Barbra, I like the way you decorated your bag. I have also random stamped on the edges of the tissue paper to match what I put on the gift bag. I have ordered that stamp set, but it is waiting for me at my sister's house. I can hardly wait til I can go down there to get it.

  3. Thanks ladies. I would have stamped my tissue paper too, just didn't have a lighter color.