Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's try this again

The very first crafty project I taught here on my blog was my version of a magnetic bookmark. I was sorely lacking in my scientific knowledge at that time way back on June 1st and have since discovered a much better way to make these. For some reason I'd forgotten that each magnet has it's own negative and positive side and all that you have to do is to turn two magnets opposite of each other to make them stick. I have no excuse for my lapse of memory except that it's been a long, long time since I was in a science class. Anyway, like they say in one of my favorite movies, "City Slickers," time for a do-over.

Here are the pieces of two business card magnets, they are self-adhesive and two of them can make 6 bookmarks. Take two of them, turn them against each other so that they stick. You may notice that they don't line up perfectly because of the polarity but that's okay, you can trim off the edges that don't match. I cut mine to be about 1 inch by 1 inch. You can cut yours to fit the size of bookmark that you'd like to make.

For this one, cut a strip of paper that will match the colors of the stamps you use about 2 1/2" by 1 1/4". Score it in the middle and fold like shown.

When I was lying in bed re-thinking this whole magnet thing I knew that I wanted to use Tickled Pink stamps again because they would make a bright floral bookmark so even though I've been using them all week, here we go again. Stamp the larger flower of your choice in hollyhock. I stamped it on blush paper so that it would have a pink background. Stamp the next size down in blush. Stamp the center of the smaller flower with crystal blue ink. This particular stamp set had three different middles and several flower sizes to choose from which made it easy to make the flowers look different each time. I also stamped the middles separately because I wanted even more dimension once I layered the flowers. I have a small circle punch that made punching those small circles out pretty easy but you don't have to go that route.

Here's the hardest part of the whole project, cut out the flowers. Try to leave a good 1/8" around the design.

Layer them using a good adhesive as shown here. I was making two magnets which is why you see two completed flowers here!

Next, use a small 1/16" paper punch to punch out a small hole in your flower, I went off to the side just a bit for a different look. This is for the tiny brad (not shown in this picture) that you can place in your flower.

Attach the flower to one side of the outside of your paper strip trying not to let the strip show behind it.

Take one of your magnets pairs and, keeping them together and magnetized, remove the adhesive paper off from both sides. Place one side down behind your flower, you should still have the two magnets "holding onto" each other.

Fold the strip of paper so that the adhesive on the other magnet adheres to the other side of the strip of paper.

Now carefully pull the two magnets apart. They should be perfectly matched up to attract on your bookmark.

Your magnet is nearly finished, you can stop here if you don't want to add glitter. If you do, use a little liquid glass (one of Close to my Heart's finest products) wherever you want the glitter to stick. You can see the brad here now.

Pour your glitter on the flower. I usually use my glitter tray but couldn't find it today so a sheet of scrap paper had to suffice. Dump the glitter off, snap the bookmark on the back with your finger. Allow some drying time, an hour or two would be best since you'll be putting this in between pages.

Voila! The magnet is finished and sparkly. Place it over your page to hold your spot! Once last thing, if you don't want your magnets to show on the inside, add a second strip of paper to cover them, I think they stick better if you don't and noone is really going to see the magnets inside anyway but they sure will admire the pretty bookmark!


  1. Beautiful bookmark, I really like how small it is.

  2. Another great idea. I checked my refridg and found an old magnet that the ad was falling off of. My 1" square punch worked perfectly with this thin material and made a perfect bookmark.