Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you cards

How are you doing on completing your unfinished projects? I know you have some that are nagging at you. Take some time for yourself and pull one of them out.

Today I reached into my unfinished box again and pulled out some non-Close to my Heart cards this time. Yes, it's okay to use paper that doesn't belong to the company you work for! These already had the card faces attached to the card bases (hey, that rhymes) but they had no layers and no embellishments. I had a pile of scraps that went with them so I just started cutting them into shapes with no real rhyme or reason. I was just going to layer them on the cards and keep the stamping simple. I am not sure which company makes this paper, I'm thinking K & Company.

I don't have directions for these cards since I used scraps on all them so there was no real pattern. Hopefully you can get an idea just from the pictures this time.

I used my Gratitude stamp by Close to my Heart because it had a nice simple Thank You phrase. I used the same one on all the cards. You can never have too many thank you cards when you have customers as great as mine!

You can see I've used my favorite Magic Mesh product. I just love the texture that it adds. If you want to find out where to get some of this, let me know.

All sparkles are from Close to my Heart. Sparkles make any card better and they are perfect for filling up a space. I'd love to see how you use sparkles on your cards and layouts.

After you've done enough cards it isn't too hard to make up your own patterns. It takes lot of practice though, that would mean more scrapbooking and stamping, it's tough but you have to do it.

This one was actually already finished and I can tell I made it way back when I first started card making. I chose the wrong colors of eyelets and the flowers are way too dark. Don't make the mistake I made, choose colors that go together.

Here's another one that was previously made. I just added the Thank You.

Here's another one that had the flaws of my early card-making, too many eyelets of the wrong color and no layering. Layering makes the card!

This one was also completed. It looks okay but a strip across the bottom under the flower would have made it better. There's just too much empty space.

Without the flowers or fancy eyelets the card still looks great just with layering of the pretty paper and a few sparkles.

See how those sparkles look like they are all different colors? They really aren't. They just picked up the reflection of the papers, pretty cool, huh?

Even without instructions I hope these cards are giving you some inspiration. You can't imagine how great you'll feel after completing something that's been stuck in a box.

I love this one, when I layer the exact same print on itself with only a distressed edge separating the colors, it just looks cool!

Now everyone can do this card! So easy, just a few strips of paper across it and some magic mesh. A stamped saying and some sparkles and you're done.

It's your turn, get out something unfinshed and get it completed today!

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  1. Awesome! I don't think I'm at the point yet that I can make cards with the help of Wishes or Originals... maybe someday I'll be there though.