Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Button, Button, who's got the button?

I have plenty of buttons because I know what a great embellishment they are. For a long time I had them in these rotating holders that I bought from JoAnn's Fabrics but it was not user-friendly. So, about six months ago I gave up and just separated the buttons by color and threw them into baggies and carried them around in this large zip-loc.

Last week, at Michael's, I found this baby, only $15.00 and definitely button-worthy!!

In about 5 minutes this morning I was able to dump my button baggies into this organizer and instantly have a great way to not only see my buttons, but carry them too!

On the back side of the organizer there is a large zippered pocked that held my non-button items that were also stuck in that big zip-loc bag.

Even when standing up these buttons stay where they are, I'm so happy!


  1. They are like sparkles, can fit on almost any layout or card.

  2. What a great storage item....if you are like me, I struggle with finding just the right thing to store my goodies....think I'll head off to Mike's this morning!