Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Prince Charming

My friend, Heather, directed me to a very neat blog called Mojo Monday where there is a card sketch every Monday. I was inspired and decided to try out this week's sketch. If you've been following my blog for awhile you know I love random stamping so I thought I'd try some on this particular card. I used the Emporium paper and color choices on this card. The stamp set for the random stamping is Connections. A friend had used it on her card and I knew it would be perfect for random stamping so I bought it! The ink colors are Buttercup, Cocoa, Crystal Blue and Sweet Leaf. Choose one of the large circles on your stamp set and randomly stamp in Sweet Leaf over a piece of colonial white paper that you've cut 5 3/4" by 5 3/4". Distress edges with Cocoa Ink.

Choose another circle and stamp randomly in Crystal Blue. I tried to fit the second circle in between the first ones.

Choose one more circle and stamp in Buttercup. This time I put the Buttercup circles right in the middle of the Sweet Leaf ones.

Take one of the small flowers on your stamp set and stamp in Cocoa around the paper, remembering the trick of stamping in triangles, each three stamps should form one.

Pick another flower and stamp in Sweet Leaf and one last little flower to fill in the white spaces, you can use Crystal Blue.

Mat the randomly stamped page on a piece of the Emporium paper, I used the Sweet Leaf floral pattern. Distress with Cocoa ink.

Cut a piece of the Crystal Blue paper (it's on the back of the Sweet Leaf pattern you just used) 2" by 6," distress with Cocoa ink and attach about 3/4" from the bottom of the card. Only glue it on the bottom and the two sides leaving the top open to slip the tags down in later. Turn over that scrap and cut the Sweet Leaf patterned paper 1/2" by 6 and attach it flush with the top of the Crystal Blue paper.

Cut a thin 1/4" strip of paper about 12" long. You are going to tie this like a ribbon, being very careful not to break it. Because it has two sides, it will look very neat no matter which side pops up in the bow. Distress it first with Cocoa ink.

Trim the bow and glue down to the left hand side of your card as shown.

Cut a 2" by 2" piece of the colonial white paper and stamp on it with a word background stamp. I used the retired Floral Elements. Use Sweet Leaf ink. Take one of the accent words and stamp over it in Cocoa. Cut a 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" piece of colonial white and stamp a different background stamp in Cocoa, this one was also from the Floral Elements stamp set. Distress both pieces with Cocoa ink.

Put the square one inch from the right hand side, 1 1/2" from the bottom.

Use your trimmer and a dry embossing tool or a crimper to add texture to a 2 1/2" by 4" piece of Crystal Blue cardstock. To make it easy on myself I dry embossed a larger piece of paper and then cut it to the size I wanted.

Sand the paper to let the white core show through, Close to my Heart is one of the rare companies that has that wonderful white core that can give your pages the distressed look. Distress the edges with Cocoa.

Cut a 2" by 3 1/2" piece of colonial white paper. Distress the edge. Using the adorable Happy Endings stamp set, stamp the princess in Cocoa. We're going to do some paper piecing.

Stamp the princess again on some of the Crystal Blue pattern paper, cut out just the skirt.

Stamp her again on some Crystal Blue cardstock.

Now cut out the sleeves and attach those and the skirt to the orginal stamped image.

Do the same thing with the crown on either Sweet Leaf or Buttercup paper, I thought the Buttercup was a little light so I went with the Sweet Leaf. Color in the rest of the dress with Buttercup ink and a blending pen. Stamp a wand for the little princess (shown on the final card).

On some of that leftover Sweet Leaf patterned paper, stamp the frog. Cut him out and glue him next to the word "love" on your small square. Attach one of our great "regal" foundry bookplates.

Tuck your Crystal Blue embossed piece into the pocket you made on your page and glue it down. Mat the princess on a piece of the Sweet Leaf patterned paper cut 2 1/4" by 3 3/4". Distress edges with Cocoa. Now attach that, slightly tipped, into the pocket.

Get out your sparkles, put a small one on the princess' wand and larger sparkles on the centers of the flowers on the upper half of your card. Attach your finished card front to a piece of cardstock you've cut 12" by 6" and folded in half. You're done! Hope you enjoyed this card!


  1. Love your "not so random" stamping! Great card.

  2. This is gorgeous!

    I also love to random stamp!

  3. Thank you everyone, your comments mean a lot to me.

  4. You did a fabulous job with your random-stamped background paper - it looks great!

  5. This is so cute Barbra!! I love it!!

  6. I can't get over your first part, how all that stamping makes what looks like a professionally printed patterned paper (say that ten times fast!). Nice work!

  7. Thanks! The random stamping does seem to be something I've taken to.