Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love L.A.

It's good to be back in my second home here in Los Angeles. Driving around yesterday I was reminded of the things I didn't like and the things I loved about living here. The traffic is just as bad and the smog seems worse but oh, I love the city! There's always something going on, new restaurants I've never seen, movie billboards everywhere and the weather, well, it's just perfect and I know it's perfect nearly every day of the year. I will move back here one day but for now it's the site of Leadership Convention for Close to my Heart! I cannot wait for tomorrow to start so I can see the brand new products and catalog for the Fall/Winter collection. We're going to get to play with all the new goodies too and make some incredible layouts, cards and paper crafts. How fun is my job!!! I sure hope that some of you out there are considering how this kind of excitement could be yours too. There's only two days left for our wonderful special this month that will add five free products to your new consultant kit! This is the month to join us. Check out the sidebar for more info. While I have a minute here I'd like to welcome two new consultants to my team, Karen Noble and Alicia Olson, girls I'm so happy to have you!!!

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  1. I'm totally jealous of you right now... lol