Friday, July 24, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Paper Sets

I'm a paper addict. I should show you the cratefuls of scrapbooking paper I own but it would take all day to get it all out and too much of my digital space to film it. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but not much. I surely do love paper so the final top ten list has to be about my obsession.

Choosing ten favorite papers from all of the exceptional sets that Close to my Heart has wasn't easy but this is what I came up with in no particular order.

1) Back Country - If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I use this paper a lot. One of the reasons is that it's full of blues and greens, my favorite color combination. It's also a darker paper and I feel darker papers lend a real richness to my scrapbook pages.

2) Moon Doggie - First of all, the name, isn't it too cute? It reminds me of the seven years I lived in California. I even married a guy who surfs so I have a soft spot for any beachy paper. This one is special too because it has a really rustic look to it. It is wonderful for all your summer pages.

3) Bella - Are you a Twilight fan? I am, the books, not the movie. Anyway, the main character's name is Bella so I was really tickled when I saw that Close to my Heart had a Bella paper in their summer catalog. This paper is just plain pretty and I love, love, love the smokey plum of the flower design.

4) Emporium - This was my favorite paper from the last catalog. I remember that my mom ordered the Emporium set with the Stickease. I'd bought the paper but not the stickers but when I saw hers I had to have them too, they were so cool! Again, this is a set with lots of blues and greens so I've used a lot of it. It's my understanding it's Jeanette Lynton's (our founder's) favorite too.

5) Unforgettable - One of the reasons I fell in love with Unforgettable was because it went with the Aspiration set I adore. The second reason was that it had an Asian look to it. My daughter is all into anything Asian and so I knew I'd be doing a lot of her pictures with this paper.

6) Simple Pleasures - This paper is beautiful, it's beachy but goes with so many other pictures than beach ones. It's rich looking, deep blues and beige's, it truly enhances any photos you put on it. One of the first and most popular cards I ever taught were made with this paper.

7) Sarsaparilla - The Old West in intriguing, isn't it? A few years back my parents took all their kids and grandkids to a place called the Double J Ranch here in Michigan. It was a real ranch and for three days we got to mingle with real cowboys. All of my pictures from that vacation are going on this paper. Despite the western look, though, it doesn't have to be used just for cowboy pictures, it's one of the things I love about CTMH paper, even the themed paper is versatile.

8) Game On - How impossible is it to come up with a paper that works with any sport? Well, this is the one and I still don't get how Close to my Heart did it but this paper goes with any sports pictures, it's amazing! Might have something to do with the color scheme, browns, blacks and white.

9) Silhouette - And speaking of brown, black and white, here is what has to be the most popular Close to my Heart set. I don't know anyone who doesn't rave about this paper. It's stripes and polka dots and only three colors but it's just the right mix. This is the one for your black and white photos, that's for sure.

10) Life Delights - This is an old favorite, pinks and purples and blues, oh my! If you've got girls, this is the paper for you. It is just downright pretty and you can never go wrong using it to make a card.

Those are my favorites, what are yours? Comment and let me know! By the way, all this will probably change in a couple of days when I get the sneak peek of our new Fall/Winter catalog at the Leadership Convention I'm attending! I'm a bit fickle that way!

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