Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten ExcIusive Inks I can't live without!

Okay, yesterday I talked about my favorite stamp sets, today I want to give you my list of the 10 ink colors I can't do without. Of course, I have all of them because it's one of the perks of this job, free products!! I hardly paid for any of them but I know you are not all consultants as I am (although you could be!!!) so here are the ones I recommend if you can only have ten! Click on the color name and see a much better picture of the ink than I could have taken!

Number Ten...Smokey Plum. I believe you have to have at least one version of each of the six colors of the rainbow so this is the purple. It's a gorgeous color and makes perfect stamped flowers.

Number Nine...Outdoor Denim. Who doesn't love a pair of jeans, they always feel good and go with everything. Outdoor Denim is the same way!

Number Eight...Sweet Leaf. It's just the prettiest green ever and looks awesome on leaf stamps!

Number Seven...Creme Brulee. This is the yellow I love the most, along with Sorbet and Tulip it seems to be very popular in so many of our papers and you know, you want to match the papers!

Number Six...Sorbet. This is my favorite version of orange. I know, I know, it's nice to have a bright orange for Halloween but, believe me, you'll use Sorbet more.

Number Five...Tulip. Tulip is red but not too red. It is bright enough for kids stamps and papers but not too loud for flowers and hearts. You'll use it a lot.

Number Four...Blush. Pink isn't exactly one of the rainbow colors but we sure use it often, don't we? You need some soft colors in your palette and this is one of the best.

Number Three...White Daisy. It's a pigment ink which is different from the rest but it has to be, to work on dark colors. Remember when using it to either dry it with a heat gun, emboss it or let it set out for awhile to make sure it won't smear.

Number Two...Chocolate. You've got to have a brown, especially if you are big time into distressing like me. Chocolate is the most popular of our browns for good reason, it's wonderful!

Number One...Black. Now if you could only afford one ink pad, this is the one to get because you can always add color and decorations to your stamped image with other mediums such as markers, chalks, colored pencils, etc. once you've laid down the base in black. It can be used to distress too so make sure this is your number one ink purchase.

Okay, there's my list, do you agree? I'd love to hear your picks for the top ten ink colors so leave a comment!!


  1. I'll have to think about this. I dont' have all the inks. But I do have sorbet.. and I never knew it was orange, couldn't figure out if it was orange or pink... I usually keep it stacked in my reds/pinks pile. Anyway... where was I going with this? Oh yeah.. I use sorbet all.the.time. Alot. It looks good with any other color which is great.

  2. Hmmm, I don't have any of those colors but a purple is on my list for the beginning of August - writing these down on my wish list

  3. This is a great list....we have several that are the same but some that are different....

    10. New England Ivy
    9. Olive
    8. Cranberry
    7. Vineyard Berry
    6. Sorbet
    5. Desert Sand
    4. Colonial White
    3. Hollyhock
    2. Cocoa fav...
    1. Dutch Blue

    Fun topic!