Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Here's the second card I made from the same pattern. I wanted to show you all that once you have a pattern you can make tons of different cards by changing the paper or stamps or embellishments or just make slight adjustments in the layout. Here's a card using the same Sweet Home paper I used yesterday along with the same basic pattern. All I really changed was the embellishments and changed just a few techniques.

Cut your paper the same as yesterday:

This is a 6" by 6" card so you need to cut a card base out of cardstock that measures 12" by 6", score it in the center and fold it. Cut the Indian corn blue cardstock 6" by 6". That's your card front. Cut the garnet pattern paper 4" by 6", the striped pattern paper 4" by 6", the Indian corn blue flower paper 2" by 4" and two 1 1/4" by 1 1/4" pieces. Turn all the pattern pieces over now and distress. A great advantage to our pattern papers is that they have a different color on the backs.

Yesterday we made some diagonal lines with a trimmer, dry embossing tool and a sanding block, today you can go a little more grid-like.

Take the 4" by 6" blue pattern paper and rip it along one side then distress the edges. If you don't have a border punch, this is an easy technique to add some texture.

Cut the corners off the card front so that it has nice rounded edges, see how this is looking different from yesterday's card already!

Use the brown side of the garnet paper for this card. Glue it to the center, or slightly off center if you like, to the card front.

Attach the blue striped paper to the center of the brown paper. Glue down the long blue dotted strip one inch from the top and 1/4 inch from the side of the blue striped paper. Place the small squares down towards the bottom, straight up and down instead of diagonally like we did yesterday.

Using one of the cute Stickease that goes with this paper, choose one of the houses and add to the lower right hand side of the card.

Add the "Home is where Memories Live" stickease to the upper left hand side, about and inch from the top, 1/4" from the left. Attach a window charm right on top. That's it, doesn't look much like yesterday's card, does it?