Sunday, August 9, 2009

How much do you spend on scrapping and stamping?

My mom and I were discussing this yesterday after attending a great card workshop by my friend and downline, Susan Colby. I was telling mom that many scrapbookers spend $100 and up a month on supplies.

It got me thinking. The minimum amount of sales that a Close to my Heart consultant needs to make is $100 a month ($300 a quarter). If a person joined Close to my Heart and just wanted to be a hobbyist, join for the discount and to sell to a few friends and family, it wouldn't even be a trial if she was already spending that kind of money a month. In fact, it would save her money because she'd get a discount on that $100. Not only a big discount but every month when she spent her $100 she'd get a stamp of the month for free and sometimes even more, like this month when she'd get a paper pack for free too. Hmmm...

Now what if that same person decided to get some orders from her friends one of those months and the orders total $150. Well then that person would get a free stamp of the month and $25 in free products on top of that AND her discount! If she did that every month she would have almost $150 in free products each quarter, keep her discount and stay a consultant in good standing.

Wow! If I weren't already a consultant I think I'd join today!

P.S. Did you know it's only $99 plus shipping and handling to join and you receive products and supplies totalling $300, just a little added bonus. Why aren't you a Close to my Heart consultant yet?

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