Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Keep Swimming!

Remember awhile back when there was a book and poster that said, "All I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?" Well all I ever need to know I learned in a Disney film. "When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true," it works as long as you put in effort yourself. "Someday my prince will come," he did, he's not perfect but next Tuesday we will be married 19 years. How about "You've got a friend in me?" Boy, do I have a big bunch of friends who make that one happen!

Well recently it's "Just keep swimming," from Finding Nemo. When I went to Close to my Heart's Leadership event a couple of weeks ago the guest speaker, Mary Christensen, talked about how you could be very succesful in this business if you just keep moving forward, don't get sidetracked by excuses. As I was listening to her I thought, she means, "just keep swimming!"

That little phrase has helped me through a lot of hectic weeks including the one I'm in now. I have my team's meeting tonight, a club workshop on Sunday, Ebay auctions to put up and TWO larger team meetings next week, one of which I'm teaching at. That doesn't include keeping my blog up to date, making phone calls and continuing to raise my three children. It can be overwhelming! However, when I get feeling flustered I remember, "just keep swimming," and I know that if I keep moving forward, even if it's in small steps, I will get through this.

I know that when you look at the pile of photographs you have at home you feel behind. I know that you think that you'll never "catch up" making your photo albums and that you're going to leave out important events so it makes it hard to even sit down and start a page. That feeling is so familiar to all of us. Well listen, you may never catch up and you may never finish but each page you do is a memory preserved, each photo you crop and place in your books is saved forever. Each time you journal a story that belongs to your family alone you've written history.

It's not easy but do it anyway, put in 15 minutes here, 10 there, book yourself a three day cropping weekend or even just an evening out with your cropping friends and get something done. Don't let excuses get in your way, and give yourself a break, the process is just as important as the product! Move forward and you will stay on track. Just keep swimming!!

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  1. Just keep swimming, I love it! What a great way to keep going.