Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

The challenge I told you about yesterday requires two cards so here's the second using the same School Zone paper. Paper sizes:

Outdoor denim cardstock 6" x 6"

Outdoor denim cardstock .25" x 6

Outdoor denim cardstock .5" x 5"

Card base (any color cardstock) 6" x 12"

Striped paper 5" x 6

Sunflower cardstock 3" x 3"

Colonial white cardstock circle 1.5" in diameter

Sunflower cardstock 1.75" in diameter

Outdoor denim cardstock 2" in diameter

Magic mesh or patterned paper of your choice 3" x 6"

(Ignore the long white paper strip, I changed my mind on that after taking the picture.)

Using your corner rounder, round off two opposite corners. Distress all paper with outdoor denim ink.

Stamp on your white circle with a stamp from the Christmas Melodies stamp set. Use Clover Meadow ink.

On your 6" x 6" outdoor denim cardstock, use the dry embossing down the groove of your trimmer to produce raised lines. Sand them to show off the white core.

Cut the edge of the striped paper with a border punch so that you have a nice look on the right hand side. Attach it to the card front .25" from left hand side.

Glue sunflower square .5" from left hand side of the card front. Glue thinnest outdoor denim strip down along your punched border on the striped paper.

Use your magic mesh vertically over the sunflower piece about 1" from the left of the card front.

Attach all three circles together.

Glue the circle embellishment down on the sunflower square. Add other outdoor denim strip horizontally, 1.25" from the bottom of the card front, flush with the left side. Add four cranberry brads about an inch apart on the strip.

Glue ribbon down right side of the card front. I cut a small piece of ribbon and tied it to the ribbon strip instead of trying to tie a regular knot with the two ends of the ribbon strip, much easier and everything lies flatter. That's it, with me luck on the card challenge!

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