Thursday, August 6, 2009

The trip in pictures!

Okay, I know that when your grandfather used to pull out the slide projector everyone groaned but I promise to keep this short and sweet. Here's our trip to L.A. in pictures.

When my husband and I were newly married we lived about 1000 feet from a fast food restaurant called El Pollo Loco. Since I couldn't cook back then we ate there often. Though it was simple, it was our most missed restaurant when we left. The closest one to us now is in Chicago, quite a hike for a chicken and tortilla meal so we always go there when we visit Los Angeles.

After the long plane trip and the chicken,there isn't anything like a dip in the pool. My son was glad for the opportunity to swim with his cousins who he hadn't seen in about three years.

Do you have a kid who never smiles in pictures? You wouldn't believe the word I had to make this one say to get a laugh like that! We loved the La Brea tar pits, talk about going back in time.

The Museum of Science and Industry is very hands on. My mother in law, sister in law, daughter and myself found the perfect photo op...something every scrapbooker always looks for.

My favorite singer, Daryl Hall, recently did his internet show, Live From Daryl's House, in Los Angeles and said that Irv's Hamburgers was the best burger in the city. We decided to try it out. It was great!

The lady who runs Irv's writes a personal note on every paper plate, I took a picture of course.

My husband was adamant about taking the kids body surfing. My daughter sure loved it. I, however, was less enthusiastic when the lifeguard had to go get my son out of the water.

Leadership convention at last. From day one they gave us free products. There is nothing like the excitement of scrapbookers screaming over brand new paper and something to put it in! Valerie and I were sure enjoying ours!

The awards banquet is the highlight of the weekend so we had to dress up, of course! Here's Chris, Amy and Michelle and myself ready for the evening.

They, however, didn't bring a date but I did! My husband, Mark, even brought me flowers. Michelle took this photo and did a great job.

The next day the family went to the Cabrillo Aquarium in San Pedro where you could be inside of a fish bowl.

This was another hands on attraction, don't you love those? The kids all dressed up in fish costumes for this picture.

The final night ended like the first started, at El Pollo Loco. After a long day at the Wild Rivers waterpark, we were exhausted but happy! Thanks for taking a peek into our vacation!

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