Thursday, September 10, 2009

American Idol autograph book

Every year I go and see the American Idol tour and every year my friend, Paula, and I spend time trying to meet them. It takes effort and pre-plannnig but we usually manage to be in the right place at the right time. Last year we took one of the Close to my Heart accordian albums, a blank one, for the Idols to sign. It worked okay except the Idols signed it every which way and when I later scrapbooked it the autographs were upside down and right side up and just didn't look as readable as I'd hoped. This time Paula and I decided to make the book ahead of time leaving the perfect spaces for the Idols to sign. We were lucky enough to get 9 out of 10 Idol autographs. It's not Close to my Heart paper in case you're wondering. Here's the title page. There are 10 Idols and only 8 pages so we had to squeeze a few together on the pages.

On the left page was supposed to be Megan's along with Allison and I totally forgot to put it on. Megan signed anyway on the upper left, Allison right on the journaling block. Matt (my fellow Western Michigan University alumni) is on the right. He was very popular at the show being a Michigan guy.

Anoop was the only one who didn't sign. He came out only briefly and never made it down to where we were standing. Michael signed next to his picture. Adam Lambert was most obviously the favorite at the show and after as was in evidence when a herd of people shoved their way through the very thick bushes behind me when Adam came near. I was most thrilled with meeting him myself and was more than pleased when he looked at my book then up at me and said, "that's neat."

Danny was the person who I voted for the most (along with Matt). I liked his voice and his story. He came out to see us during the day (we were at the arena from 2:30 in the afternoon to about 1:30 in the early morning). I was very excited to meet him. There's a picture of Paula and Danny down below the album pictures that turned out just excellent.

Lil and Scott signed very close to each other but I could make it out. The winner of American Idol, Kris, signed the last page of the book. He was very cute and very sweet.

Here's Michael and me, early in the day.

The best photo, Danny and Paula, what a great time we had!


  1. How exciting for you! What a great way to remember these moments!

  2. Beautiful book! How neat to have!! I enjoy watching Idol-how fun to get to go and meet them!
    Blessing to you!Jolena