Friday, September 25, 2009

Easy Around the Holidays card kit - Card One

This weekend I have a workshop in Niles, Michigan and we're going to be making and jazzing up the My Originals' Around the Holidays card kit. My sister in law, Jill, loves these kits. She's not a stamper at all but she enjoys making cards so when she saw these she got all excited because they were easy but pretty and she could embellish to her heart's delight. I know how she feels after playing with this set today. Wow, was it fun to create these cards. To show you, I made the card the way the instructions showed but then did two other cards with a little extra.

This kit comes with 12 card bases, 12 envelopes, 3 sets of stickease to make all the cards, ribbon and pop dots. The instructions are on the back of the stickease.

If you like to distress go ahead and do it with a sponge tool and a cocoa ink pad.

You can also distress the stickers which I did before attaching it to the card. Now if you know this card kit at all you can see that right away I made a mistake and forgot to put the ornament sticker that's supposed to be in the middle of this card base, whoops. I didn't realize it until I finished all the cards and had the three stickers left! That's okay though, mistakes are just opportunities for embellishment! Following the directions in the kit, put the present sticker down first.

Next apply the Christmas tree sticker, letting it overlap the present.

Here's a trick you might not have heard about. Put two pop dots on the back of the Season's Greetings title. Take some powder, I used scented talcum powder but any powder will do, and apply it everywhere on the back of the sticker except on the pop dots. You can use your finger or a paintbrush or q-tip. This will remove the stickiness from the sticker which will make it look much more professional, noone wants to feel stickiness on their card.

Remove the paper from the pop dots and apply on the front letting it overlap the tree. This card would look a little more filled in if I'd added the large sticker at the beginning but, oh well!

Take the ribbon and tie a knot in about a 2 inch piece. Use a glue dot to attach. Roll the dot up so it fits just behind the knot on the ribbon. Here's the basic card, cute!

To add a little sparkle you can use prisma glitter. Our glitter shows the color underneath so no need to buy every glitter color in the world. Take a thin glue pen and apply glue wherever you want the glitter to go. It's like being back in kindergarten, isn't it?

I like to let my glitter really dry well before dumping it off, it prevents it from running if you used too much glue. Once dry, dump it off in the craft tray. This tray has a little hole in the end which makes it really easy to put it back in the glitter jar.

Here's a more sparkly look for the card. You might have to click on it to see the detail.

Here's one more version. This time add liquid glass to the Season's Greeting sticker. Liquid glass dries clear and makes your sticker look like an epoxy embellishment (just one of the cool things liquid glass can do). Instead of glitter, add sparkles instead, one to the top of the tree and four on the right hand side of the card to balance out the "heavy" left side. Now when you make this card, make sure you add the big ornament sticker that I forgot. Tomorrow I'll show you the next card from this kit.

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