Friday, September 25, 2009

Easy Around the Holidays card kit - Card Two

Here's the second card from the Around the Holidays workshop I'm doing. Don't you just love the circular cards? This time I remembered the center ornament stickease. Attach that after distressing all edges. Stick on the "May you find Peace" and snowflake stickease. Remember, this is the easy version first. Attach the dove but use the technique from yesterday, apply pop dots, then powder the rest of the sticker so only the pop dots are sticky. Tie a knot it a two inch ribbon and use glue dot to attach to the top. This is the the simple card made from the kit. On this one, you can add Liquid Applique. It comes in a pen applicator and you squirt it on where you want to then heat with a heat gun. Apply it to the white design at the top of the card. Here's how it looks after heating. I tried to do a video but it just won't upload, sorry. Add a brad that matches your card to the middle of the snowflake before attaching it. Put down the Peace sentiment and dove as before but add a little Stickles blue glitter glue to the design on and around the dove. Another option is to Prisma glitter up everything. Attach a sparkle to the middle of the snowflake, put glue on everything you want glittered. Let dry thoroughly before shaking off for best results. Here's the third look. With glitter and sparkles it's another good way to make the card pretty. See how simple it is to just dress these up a little? More tomorrow.

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