Saturday, September 5, 2009

The best small town in America!

I've lived in a lot of places, small towns, big towns, small cities, huge cities, the country, and the suburbs. Now I live in a small town called Stevensville, in Michigan and right next to us is what I think is the best small town in America. It's called St. Joseph and it's a beach town with a gorgeous beach called Silver Beach. This is a town where you smile whenever you are there. There are festivals all the time and this year they've decided to restore the town back to what it used to be, with an amusement park like they used to have but one that retains charm. St. Joseph is building a carousel that has hand carved horses, it big and beautiful. They are also going to have this great kids activity area, both due later. This weekend they unveiled the fountain. This is not a typical fountain that's just there for the beauty but one that's for fun! One that kids can run through with abandon.

But all these things to do are not why I'm writing about St. Joseph today. You know how you go to the movies and see these made up towns that just seem too good to be true, where people actually walk down the street and say hello and local bands come and play the Star Spangled Banner at events? The one's where the mayor comes out and dedicates a brand new structure and cuts a ribbon? I didn't really think those places existed until I moved here. St. Joe is one of those places and we had a blast yesterday watching the new fountain get dedicated. Here's some pictures!

*What St. Joseph used to look like years ago.

*When the ribbon was cut, this whole array of balloons went flying.

*The fountain has it's own mascot, Splash.

*People were ready for the fountain to be turned on, lots of kids had swimming suits.

*The tallest kaleidoscope in Michigan is almost ready!

*The horses are all hand carved ready for the carousel to be finished.

*The carousel is getting there, it's enormous.

Here's a video of the fountain at work.


  1. Whoo Hoo - Look at the Sparty horse! Nice pics Barbra - but there are a lot of towns in Michigan that still have all those old fashioned ceremonies. I love them

  2. It is beautiful there - I love coming over to see you and going to dinner there. :) Maybe next year we'll get a whole weekend in with the kids too! :)