Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gift Bag

I had a great new catalog premiere party at my house yesterday. We played scrapbooking and stamping Jeopardy, had fun food, saw all the new Close to my Heart products and everyone received a gift bag full of handmade goodies! Here's instructions for the bag itself. I will also post all the gifts that were in it soon. These white craft bags can be found lots of different places, Meijers, Target, JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. It measures 5" by 8 1/2".

Using Back Country paper cut two pieces 5" by 6" and distress the edges with Outdoor Denim ink and a sponge tool.

Glue or use Tombow to attach those down, making sure that you go above the crease of the bottom of the bag, it's about 2 inches from the very bottom. Using the Extreme Happiness stamp take the long strip of flowers and stamp on both sides below the crease as a border. I found that in this case using the sponge that comes with the stamp set didn't work as well as stamping it on a flat surface due to the bumps and cushioning already in the bag.

Cut two three inch piece of white papers to stamp the hibiscus flower. Stamp the flower itself (using the sponge this time) in Outdoor Denim as shown, on the diagonal.

Stamp the center in Barn Red and the stamin (I think that's what it's called) in Honey. I love this three step stamping!

Mat your flower with some Barn Red cardstock cut 3 1/4" by 3 1/4". Distress both pieces with Outdoor Denim (if you like).

You'll need one each for the front and the back.

Glue them directly in the center of the background paper on the bag.

Cutting through both the back and front at the same time, punch two notebook paper sized holes in the center of the bag about a 1/2 inch from the top. Choose a ribbon that matches the paper and tie one both front and back. You could also use a very long ribbon to tie through all four holes at once to close the bag up more like a gift, just make sure the bow is easy to untie. There you go, an easy, very inexpensive bag that says a lot about you for taking the time to make it extra special!


  1. Cute Cute Barbra

    Hey went to a crop at Linda's yesterday and she showed how to do the Rock and Roll technique. Nothing like hands on instructions