Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twitter - Interested in your opinion

I've started my research on Twitter and would like to know your opinion out there in cyberland. I feel that the reason I would like to go on Twitter is as a quicker extension of what I do in my blog. I was thinking that I'd like to use it to give a scrapbooking or stamping tip of the day. I have been looking at a lot of people's Tweets and many seem to be sending followers to other websites. To me, that would be okay if that's what you're looking for but I'd like to do a little more and actually offer something helpful up to my followers in a more direct way. What do you think? If you are interested in Twitter, would you subscribe to a person's feed if they were giving you a tip each day? Or, if not, what are you looking for on Twitter that would be of interest to you, make you want to subscribe? Everyone who leaves a comment telling me there opinion will be put into a drawing for some blog candy. I'll draw next Monday. Thanks!


  1. I hate twitter. Do we really need to know what the celebrity of the day is thinking at any given moment? I love Facebook but despise Twitter - I have an account but I never go there

  2. I do not use twitter. So i am of no help.