Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm so excited!

I'm all set up for today's workshop and just had to show you all pictures! Here's six out of the seven card stations that people will be able to choose from. Each station has everything they will need to make up to 20 cards and the directions for each card (even though I'll be circulating too).

Each person can make the card of their choice or make all of the cards, it's up to them! I tried to really vary the types of cards so that there are a lot of choices. I also have extra Christmas sentiment stamps so they can choose whatever greeting they want on the inside of the card too.

For those who like to shop I'm also having a sale of the stamp sets, paper and extra embellishments I have from the Boyne Highlands event. Donuts and cider will be available for hungry participants too! I can't wait!

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