Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gift Card Holder

I already highlighted this great stamp set, Christmas Melodies, but I'm using it again because I want to show you the cute little gift card holder I did as a make and take at the crop in Athens last weekend. This is a very user friendly set so I highly recommend it.

I used Jingle paper, our latest, greatest Christmas set, it looks good on any project! Cut your paper:

7" by 4" juniper cardstock
1 1/4" by 4" pattern paper
2 1/4" by 4" pattern paper
2 3/4" by 4" pattern paper
2" circle white cardstock
2 1/4" circle tulip cardstock

Distress everything with juniper ink.

Score your juniper cardstock at 1 1/2" away from one end and 2 1/2" from the other.

Be careful when using your dry embossing tool that you don't cut through the paper.

Fold those in. The smaller fold goes on the bottom to hold the gift card.

Glue your smallest pattern paper on the smaller folded piece and the medium sized pattern paper on the front. Do not put the back pattern paper on yet.

Use your corner rounder to round the two bottom corners of the front of the card.

About a 1/4" in at the top of the bottom fold, poke holes with your hole punch and put in small tulip brads. The backs of the brads will show on the back of your card holder.

To cover them, apply your last piece of pattern paper to the back. Tombow glue works best.

Stamp the "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" stamp onto the circle in juniper ink.

Glue the white circle to the tulip cardstock circle. Attach to the top part of the card letting some of it hang down over the flap. Do not put glue on the bottom fourth of the circle.

Use a glue pen to put glue on the Christmas tree. Add prisma glitter. Let dry a little and then shake it off.

Inside match up two sides of a velcro closure, take paper off so it can stick, one piece to the bottom, one piece to the top.

Here's the finished look. Your gift card will fit right inside and you will have given it in a very creative way!!


  1. THis project was a huge hit at the crop too. I saw so many women walking around showing off this project. I did the scrap pages and I hid them so no one would steal them (my sil - ha ha ha ha)

  2. Nice tutorial. Really cute and easy gift card holder. May need to make some of these. :)