Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Key to my Heart

Awhile back Close to my Heart put out a great paper and stamp set called "Key to my Heart." I scooped up as many of these kits as I could cause I was jut crazy about it. Neither the paper nor stamp set are still available through Close to my Heart but I do have three sets of this beautiful stamp collection. Contact me if you "have to have it." In the meantime, here is my experiment with seeing how many layout pages I could get from just one set of Level Two paper and using one stamp set. From just 12 pieces of patterned paper and 10 pieces of cardstock I was able to get 8 full 12 x 12 pages. That's a bargain folks! See Level Two paper packs at my store here.


  1. I love swirls and flourishes Barbra. Nice set of layouts

  2. This is my favorite paper pack ever. You know my Puppy's official name is "Key to My Heart"...Kita for short! :)