Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Welcome to the November Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!! Every month a whole bunch of Close to my Heart consultants get together and post our own artwork using the stamp of the month. That's the stamp you can get discounted or for free depending on how much you spend on a Close to my Heart order. This month's stamp is called Around the Block. You can see it here. Once you've taken a look at my take on the stamp set, you can "hop" to the next blog and just keep going. If you've come from Kimberly's blog, you're on the right track. Check out the link at the end of my tutorial for where to hop next.

For this month I chose to make a little party favor with a Del Monte snack pack can. These are hard to find but my local Meijer's grocery store still has them in Michigan. You may have to look at dollar stores and your local grocery stores to find them. They are metal pop top cans.

First peel off the label. I find it's best to do this before washing. You don't have to worry about getting the glue off and even a little leftover paper is not a problem because you'll be covering it up with your cardstock.

Here's your shiny surface just ready for decorating.

You will need a safety can opener. This is the type that's made to prevent sharp edges on your cans. You can find them in almost any large store such as Wal-mart or Target.

Cut off the top, preserving the pop top. You want that to be opened by the recipient. Dump out the fruit into a bowl to eat now or later. Wash off the whole can including the top so it's nice and clean. Dry thoroughly.

Now take your Around the Block stamp set and get this little swirly stamp and put it on a block. You need to cut a piece of white cardstock 1 3/4 inches by 6-7 inches. Randomly stamp the swirls in Barn Red ink.

Next take the smallest swirl and stamp it in Autumn Terracotta. Stamp the small heart in Honey ink and the small flower in Sweet Leaf, filling in the spaces between the larger swirls. Distress the outside of the piece with Barn Red.

Using a good adhesive like Tombow, put glue on the whole strip then carefully wrap it around your can keeping it straight by lining it up against the bottom edge of the can.

When you're finished it should look nice and neat like this.

Find some coordinating buttons (easy with CTMH cause all our accessories are in the same colors as our papers and inks) and add waxy flax to each button, knotting once on top.

Use glue dots to attach them in a circle around the center of your can.

Find a pretty matching ribbon and draw a line of Tombow adhesive around the top edge of your can. Add the ribbon, pressing it down well then tie in a bow on the front side (the seam should be in the back of the can).

Using a circle punch, punch a circle, distress and random stamp like you did the strip.

Glue it under the pop top. It doesn't have to be perfectly centered.

Add a ribbon on the pop top. Isn't this cute?

Fill with candy, I found these Halloween colored Hershey's kisses but you can use M & M's or Reese's Pieces, anything small to fit inside.

Now here's the really important part. You need a good adhesive like Liquid Glass to put the top back on, any old adhesive is not going to work. You don't want the top falling off when someone picks it up. Very carefully apply it to the edge of the top, you don't want any glue to fall onto your candy so make sure it's only on the edge.

This is the finished project. The cool thing is that when the person you give this to opens the pop top and sees the candy inside they will be so curious as to how you did that!!!

Now it's time for you to hop on over to Tammy Lea's blog and see what's she's done with this same stamp set. Below is a list of all the people participating in the hop, if you get lost you can come back here and recheck the list. Have a great time!!!

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Kristie Herdener

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Adeline E. Brill

Michelle Nist

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Jessica Booth

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Barbra Otten

Tammy Lea Pinchard

Nancy Brown

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Brae Montgomery

Pamela O'Connor

Antoinette Herrin

Debra Van Patten

Jen Patrick

Wendy Kessler

Beth Naumann

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Amy McVey

Linda Shewchuk

Chris Shouse

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Tracy Oleksak


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