Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello Everyone - Updates!

I've had to change my blog background a little sooner than I normally do. I just found it was too overwhelming. I'm still playing around with finding the right one so you may see several different backgrounds before I finish.

Are you experiencing post holiday letdown like I am? I know we still have New Year's Eve but my family and I try to play it safe and stay home for that night so to me, the holidays are pretty much completed. I'm trying to get back into the groove and get some projects ready for you.

I finished up the special item that I'm showing for the Stamp of the Month blog hop. It starts late night on the 31st and all the blogs will be up and running by midnight on January 1st, 2010!! Tomorrow I'll be making some invitations for an upcoming party in Bellevue, MI. I will post that tutorial probably tomorrow night depending on when it's finished. I'll be working on them with my good friends and downlines in Battle Creek. My team gets together just to play pretty often, another reason I love them!

I hope you all received a copy of my newsletter. Remember special offers only come in my newsletter. You can sign up for it to the right of this post under "All My Info."

I hope you've taken advantage of your holiday time to check out a few movies. I'm a big movie lover and see tons of them. I recommend Avatar, it's amazing. It's Complicated was good but could have been a little better. The movie I'm most looking forward to is Up in the Air. How can you go wrong with George Clooney.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone and here's to a wonderful 2010!

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  1. I am definitely suffering the Holiday let down....Unfortunately I only had Christmas Day off and will only have New Years Day off, so I am sort of feeling like it went by all too fast! And I didn't even get much creating done, well, okay , none, LOL......Happy Holidays!!