Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last minute easy gift!

Need another last minute gift, something easy and oh-so-cheap? Get on down to your dollar store and pick up one of those $1.00 2010 datebooks. They have them everywhere, I bought mine at Walgreens. This datebook has the calendar horizontally, you can adapt this design according to how your calendar is positioned. You can see their cover isn't that inspired so take out some of your That's Amore paper, your Save the Date and Precious Alphabet stamps and let's get started.

This didn't require a lot of measuring. I took the datebook out of the plastic cover and pulled the outside cardboard cover off. I'll give you the measurements I used but really you can adapt it to whatever size datebook you have.

You'll want to remove the staples out of the remainder of the calendar so you can restaple your pretty cover on it later.

Lay your outside cover down on a piece of pattern paper and trace around it. Mine ended up being 7" by 6.5". Distress. Cut it out and dump the old cover.

I happened to have some of the little journaling blocks that go with That's Amore paper so I used one of those since it was already decorated but you can use a blush colored cardstock paper cut 2.75" by 2.5" and then mat it in chocolate cardstock cut 3" by 2.75" and distress. Use your Precious Alphabet stamps to personalize. Since I'm using this datebook as my Close to my Heart booking calendar, I stamped "ctmh." I used the Save the Date stamp to stamp 2010, can you believe it's going to be 2010???!! Use tulip and chocolate inks.

Cut a strip of coordinating patterned paper 6.5" by 1.5" and attach about a half inch up from the bottom of the folded cover. Add your title block.

Fit your calendar evenly under the cover and staple it twice right on the seam. I'm using our swivel stapler on this, so easy!

Here's how it should look before you put it in the plastic cover.

Once in the cover you need to take your piercer and poke a hole about an inch from the left hand side of your title.

I didn't want to put my flower under the datebook's plastic cover, I thought it would be too bulky but you can if you wish. Layer two different sized pink flowers over each other and add a twinkle brad in the middle. Fasten it inside the cover and you are finished! This took about 10 minutes to make and that included my designing, you can do this! Make up 10 or so and have handy easy last minute gift for guests. You could even put one at everyone's place sitting on Christmas Day, what a sweet gift that would be!

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