Saturday, January 9, 2010

Have you ever thought about becoming a consultant?

Before signing up I thought about it for a long time and found that I had three questions that really concerned me and I never got around to asking a consultant about them, hence the long time it took me to sign up. I was thinking that maybe the same might be true for you so here's what I feel are the three aspects of becoming a Close to my Heart consultant that you might need answers about.

I know that before I signed up I was sure I could be a pretty good consultant. I'd been scrapbooking for years and I was a hard worker. I certainly had motivation because I had a stack of bills that needed to be paid and I needed money that I could make yet still be a stay at home mome. I was worried about a couple of things though. First of all, how much was it to sign up, I didn't have a lot of money to spend on an investment like that and frankly, I didn't want to be scammed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was just $99.00 plus shipping and tax for $300 worth of products. That I could do and if I decided it wasn't for me, they didn't take the kit back! Sounded good!

Since I was interested in making a living at this though, I also was concerned that I'd have to do a certain amount of sales to keep current and I wasn't positive I could. You know, life can get in the way. I then discovered that I only had to have $300 in sales in THREE MONTHS, wow! I spent that much MYSELF on scrapbooking products. My consultant friend said she did that much in sales in one party! I was shocked, you mean I could do just one $300 party every quarter and I was set? That sounded awesome. Of course I was in this for more than just a lot of free products and a big discount so I knew I'd do more than that but it was a relief to know that I wouldn't be under big pressure.

My biggest worry though, was that I wouldn't have enough people to sell to, that I'd run out of friends and family willing to buy fast. And you know what? I did, but then something cool happened. I found out how to get more customers and I went from having about 10 customers in April of 2008 to almost 300 in 2010. I know, blows your mind doesn't it? And guess what? There's no secret to getting more customers, there are just ways to do it and I know them and so do my fellow consultants and we are more than happy to share them with you. Also, Close to my Heart has whole training programs for FREE that will teach you how to run a home party (it's easy) and become successful! They don't just hand you the kit and say "good luck." This company's middle name is "support."

Once I had the answers to my three burning questions it took me less than a week to make up my mind and become a consultant. I'll celebrate my second year with the company in April and I can't see myself ever leaving. Being a consultant has brought me so much more than just an added income. I have so many friends now, fellow consultants and customers, I have tons of great Close to my Heart products, most I got for free and the rest for a discount. I can bring money into my family's household to start paying down that stack of bills and it feels great to be able to contribute even while staying at home. Has it been hard work, yes! But, any job you want to be successful at will take effort, let's not fool ourselves. I remember watching Oprah once and she was talking about the old saying that if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life. So true! This is the best job I've ever had!

So, if you've ever considered signing up to be a consultant and getting all the benefits...time away from the house, new friends, MONEY, free products and a way to contribute to your own household, I would love to have you join my team. It's easy, it's cheap and I will be there every step of the way to help you and so will my fellow consultants. You don't even have to live in the same state as me to become a member of my team either so if you are interested I'd be glad to give you more information, call me at 989 906 6420 or email me at If you are ready to jump on the Close to my Heart bandwagon already, you can sign up right here! Join My Team! Close to my Heart has really changed my life and I know it could do the same for you.

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