Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Card Box - Part Three

Sorry about the photo quality on some of these, here are the inside dividers for the card box. Cut your colonial white cardstock five inches by six inches. Cut pattern paper from the Topstitch set 4 inches by 6 inches. Glue the pattern paper to the white paper as shown and then distress with your chocolate ink.

I wanted to make this box with dividers for birthday cards that I could pre-address then send out as the months progressed so I made the dividers labeled with the months instead of with categories of cards.

Cut twelve 1 1/2" circles out of colonial white cardstock and distress the edges with chocolate ink. Using the Save the Date stamp set, stamp the months on the top of in vineyard berry ink. Stamp the butterfly from the Friendship's Flight stamp set in Heavenly Blue and then in vineyard berry for the outline.

Glue January, April, August, and November on the left side of the cards, letting the bottom edge of the circle touch the top of the pattern paper. Glue February, May, September, and December in the center of the cards and March, June and October on the right hand side. This will make them easier to flip through.

Here's how they should look when you are finished.

I liked the whole distressed, country feeling of this paper so I used twine to decorate the handle. I used a little Tombow glue on the center two inches of the handle. Fold a very long piece of twine in half and wrap the center of the twine around the center of the handle. Wind the right half of the twine out to the right and the left half of the twine to the left then cross them over and tie in the middle. That's all there is to it, hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


  1. I love this idea of having the cards in the month they need to be sent. I am definitely going to do this. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Oh My Goodness, I cute is this! You're great! I'm following :)

    I tagged you for a "game" on my blog...