Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Card Box - Part Two

I can't tell you how nice it is to have my greeting cards organized in several pretty card boxes like this one. Whenever I need to pull out a birthday card or I hear of someone not feeling well, I'm totally prepared and know right where I'll find the right homemade card. Yesterday I showed you how to make the front of this box, today we'll make the sides and back. For the sides you'll need to make this piece twice, here's the measurements for each one:

4 1/4" by 6 1/4" chocolate cardstock
4" by 6" pattern paper
2" by 6" pattern paper
1" by 6" blush pink cardstock
1/2" by 6" chocolate cardstock
Two 2" by 2" colonial white cardstock
Two 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" chocolate cardstock

Attach the largest piece of pattern paper to the large piece of chocolate cardstock. Take the 2" by 6" and glue about 1/4" from the top of the piece. Flush with that piece attach the pink strip.

Stamp butterlies from the Friendship's Flight stamp set that we used yesterday in blush pink then the outline with vineyard berry on the colonial white squares. Mount them on the chocolate cardstock and then about a 1/2" apart from the sides and each other, 1/4" up on the pink strip.

Add skinny chocolate cardstock strip 1/4" up from bottom of sidepiece.

Poke holes and add five blush pink brads about an inch from each other along the chocolate strip then attach to the side of the box with Tombow and glue dots. Make sure to do this for each side.

For the back, cut:

6 1/4" by 4 1/4" chocolate cardstock
6" by 4" pattern paper
6" by 2" pattern paper
5" by 3" pattern paper

Attach the 4" by 6" pattern paper to the chocolate cardstock. Put the 3" by 5" piece in the center of that. Then add the 2" by 6" strip across the center of the whole piece. Take buttons or chipboard circle buttons and thread them with white floss. Attach all of them across in a line on the middle strip of paper. Use Tombow and glue dots to attach the whole piece to the back. On Monday, we'll work on the inside divider cards.

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