Sunday, February 14, 2010

Simple brayer technique - new card!

Happy Valentine's Day! I was just working with my brayer today, I haven't yet mastered all the great techniques you can do with it but this is an easy one to try. I used Star Spangled Blue and Black inks for this particular card.

Cut some white daisy paper 4 3/4" by 4 3/4". You then need some scrap paper to tear and put it at the bottom of your card to mask the white from the blue ink.

Now roll your ink on the ink pad and then onto your paper until it's as dark as you want it. Be careful not to move your torn paper until you're finished.

I made mine nice and dark but you can go lighter.

Using the Childhood Portrait stamp set, stamp the tree in black to the right of your picture.

Stamp one of the shadowy stamps on the left hand side, there are a lot to choose from.

Trim if you like so that the focus is on the stamped image.

Glue the white paper on a matching black mat. Mine was 5" by 5". Attach that piece to a 6" by 6" white daisy cardstock about a 1/4" from bottom and right hand sides. Stamp the Friendship word in Star Spangled Blue ink.

Using your ruler, measure 3 dots 1/4" apart on both the upper right hand and lower left side of your card. Punch them with a 1/16th inch hole punch.

Add matching brads. Attach whole card front to 12" by 6" white daisy cardstock folded in half. You can have it open at the bottom or to the right. Give it to a good friend!

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