Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

You know how you'll look at a paper set in the catalog and think that it's not for you and then you see it in person and LOVE IT? That's what happened to me with the paper set, Passages, so I'm showing it off to you and recommending it highly today.

I'm also very excited that the June Jackpot special is happening starting today so take a moment from your hop to see what's happening on my website HERE!

If you arrived here from TRACI'S BLOG you're in the right place. Check out the Father's Day card I made from the Wonderful Friend stamp set. I will post a tutorial on how to make this card tomorrow!

Now hop on over to CAROL'S BLOG and see her wonderful art!

June Stamp of the Month Blog Hop List

The Close to my Heart June Stamp of the Month blog hop starts tomorrow! You know what else starts tomorrow? Daily specials on my website, come see the June Jackpot sales,

Kathleen Androlewicz
Helen Onulak
Sheila Bennett
Shannon Buck
Kim O'Rear
Nancy Brown
Alison Mullen
Latisha Haag
Laurie Newton
Jody Gustafson
Annette Green
Chris Shouse
Michelle Loncar
Susan Brooks
Angela Tutton
Melissa Laverty
Wanda Riley
Sylvia Jacquot
Sarita Schraeder
Pamela O'Connor
Georgia Hauglid
Caren Goldstein
Antoinette Herrin
Cindy Leek
Kimberly Smith
Krista Ritskes
Teri Baxter
Beth Naumann
Judy Burger
Dawn Heuft
Lori Leng
Lori Brown
Adeline Brill
Dawn Ross
Katy Donaldson
Jamia Bankhead
Misty Jackson
Haley Dyer
Lori Miller
Terrie Dodd
Carol Horton
Tammy Lea Pinchard
Amy Edwards
Debra Van Patten
Carla Ironside
Jen Patrick
Mary Eisen
Kristie Herdener
Melissa Burch
Traci Godbee
Danielle Chapman
Barbra Otten
Laurie Levnik
Carol Loftus
Brae Montgomery
Kami Welter
Shirley Ross
Jen Rubio
Deb Young
Wendy Fording
Melinda Everitt
Andrea Ewen
Shannon Pelletier
Janelle Jaksitz

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Favorite Reason to be a Close to my Heart Consultant

In July, I'll be attending my second Close to my Heart convention and I'm counting down the days. It's the absolutely best part about being a consultant for Close to my Heart and I can't wait to attend the next convention in Washington D.C. Here are highlights from our last convention.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of news coming!

We're going to have another BIG website sale next month and I will be giving you the details this week.

See that big basket of brand new products on the Boyne Highlands post below? Right now I'm having a consultant special and you can find out the details on my newsletter so sign up HERE so you can find out all about it. So many people think there is a "catch" to buying the consultant kit that's worth more than $320.00 currently but there really isn't. You can simply buy it and never do another thing. I'm not a high pressure person and if you buy our kit only for the goodies in it (just $99 plus shipping)and for the discount the rest of your life I will not bug you to do more than that. I will share with you ideas on how to make money but it's up to you. There is so much you can get from Close to my Heart for free and I spell it out in my newsletter so sign up so you can read all about it. Also, you can go to sign up directly right HERE, put in my consultant number under the sponser information, 9324322.

Since we are having the website sale next month (an every day sale by the way) I will be posting lots of new tutorials throughout the month to show off our wonderful products! Hope to see you there, my website can be found HERE, remember the big sale won't start until June but even now we have some sales going on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boyne Highlands - Girls Just Wanna Crop - May 2010

If you've read my blog for awhile you've heard about the Girls Just Wanna Crop event up in Boyne Highlands, Michigan. Twice a year my friend, and fellow consultant, Valerie Black and I set up our booth up at this great crop and have a fabulous time meeting and getting to know the 300 croppers that attend. We've made so many friends and have even signed up many new consultants up at Boyne. One of the reasons is that we show the incredible amount of products a person can get for just $99 plus shipping and handling. What you see below is the entire basket of our summer deal. It includes the new Miracle kit and if you check out my newsletter (see how to subscribe to the right) you can get an extra bonus for signing up just from me.

What's wonderful about the products that Close to my Heart put together for the new consultant kit is that everything matches. The inks and papers and embellishments are all meant to go together so you are set from the get go. Did you know that the minimum amount you need to sell to keep your 22% discount is only $300 in a quarter (that's 3 months to have your sales add up to $300). It's easy to do!

We set up a big rack to show off the artwork you can do with our mini albums and our idea books. Would you believe we sold out of every idea book that we brought (and we brought a lot)! Our idea books are the best product we sell in my opinion.

This year we borrowed a spinning rack to show off our accessories and embellishments. People had a lot of fun checking out the different goodies.

We were lucky enough to have a brand new catalog come out on the third day of the event so we hid the new products under this tablecloth with a "no peeking" sign. We revealed the brand new papers, stamp sets and accessories at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.

We bring many stamp sets to all the Boyne events and show people how to create with them. There's nothing like actually being able to see what you're stamping.

We wanted to say a big thank you to my downline, Connie Hagood, for lending us her new cool sign!!

We brought tons of our catalog/idea books for people to look at and buy including the brand new summer catalog. You can see that catalog online at my website Just click on "products."

The new Miracle kit is beautiful and I had such fun putting it together to show at Boyne. Did you know you can get it for just $5.00 with a $60 order. You can order from my website, just make sure to check the box for the Miracle kit down at the end of your order.

I'm a paper-a-holic so it's not surprising that we brought a lot of paper to sell, I don't think we ended up taking much home because there are a lot of paper-a-holics attending Boyne!

We are so lucky to see some of the same diehard scrappers again and again at each Boyne event. We love seeing and spending time with them and also meeting the new Boyne scrappers too. This event repeats twice a year and it's truly one of the best crops I've ever seen. For more info check out and click on the calender events for October. I believe they've already signed over 100 people so don't delay! Tell them Barbra sent you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Key to my Heart layout

This coming weekend I'm going to be working at the Novi, Michigan Megameet, a scrapbooking and stamping expo with over 75 vendors showing off and selling their wares. At the Close to my Heart booth we will be selling page, album and card kits that are out of this world! I made up a bunch of them myself including this one below. Thanks to Laura C. for reminding me that it's time to put up another tutorial!

Since I had to send my actual pages ahead to the Megameet I will be estimating sizes below but that doesn't matter as you should always alter directions to fit your own photos. Key to my Heart paper was always one of my favorites. Unfortunately Close to my Heart only had it out for one month as a special. I scooped up a lot of it but it's gone now, goes to show you don't let your favorites get away. The colors are sorbet, juniper, creme brulee and tulip. You may ink distress all edges with juniper ink.

I'm big on dry embossing for cards and I use it occasionally for my layouts too. Because I was using a lot of cardstock on this layout and I love, love, love texture, I decided to actually dry emboss the whole 12 x 12 base page. You can too but taking your dry embossing tool and the groove in your trimmer to make a raised line on your paper. I made mine into 1" squares and then sanded them to show off the white core of our cardstock.

Add a two inch by twelve inch strip of matching pattern paper flush with the bottom of the page.

Directly above that strip choose another pattern paper, cut it two inches by twelve inches and glue it down flush with edges.

At the top take another pattern paper or match one of the papers that you've already used and cut it one inch by twelve inches. Glue it down 1/2 inch from the top keeping edges flush.

Cut a five by seven inch mat out of juniper cardstock. Dry emboss lines in it one inch apart and sand. Cut off the opposite corners with corner rounder. Add it to the page two inches from the top of page and one inch from left hand side.

Add five by four inch pattern paper mat to the right of the other mat keeping it on the same embossed line, about 1/2 inch from juniper mat and right hand side of the page.

On page two emboss your background as mentioned on page one. Glue down a two inch by twelve inch patterned paper strip vertically on the right hand side of the page keeping it flush with edges.

Cut another pattern piece two inches by twelve inches and attach next to first piece.

Cut another pattern paper (or use the same one as your first) seven by two inches and attach to the left bottom of the 12 x 12 page.

Add juniper cardstock strip cut one by twelve inch and attach directly to the left of the first two pieces keeping edges flush.

Cut seven by five juniper cardstock piece, dry emboss lines one inch apart and sand. Add to 12 x 12 base page horizontally about 1/2 inch from top, flush with the left side as shown.

Cut two three by three inch pieces out of pattern paper and glue centered under the juniper mat about a 1/2 inch down and 1/4 inch apart.

Add three by one inch title piece out of sorbet cardstock. Stamp it with the title of your choice. I used the Key to my Heart stamp set to title my page "Captured Memories." Add it about 1 1/2 inches from right hand side of page onto the second strip up from the bottom.

Add one of our pretty little butterflies from our Just Blooms spring blossom set to the upper left of the juniper mat.

Cut two four by four inch sorbet cardstock squares and cut off the corners with a rounder. Add them 1 1/2 inches down from the top of page, 1/2 inch from the right hand side of page. Have about 1/8 of an inch apart from each other. Add and layer the spring blossom flowers of your choice with a tulip brad in the center. Glue it just right of the bottom center of the page.

Attach three juniper brads just under the first of the pattern paper mats.

That's it, you're ready for pictures. Enjoy and come visit us at the megameet!