Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boyne Highlands - Girls Just Wanna Crop - May 2010

If you've read my blog for awhile you've heard about the Girls Just Wanna Crop event up in Boyne Highlands, Michigan. Twice a year my friend, and fellow consultant, Valerie Black and I set up our booth up at this great crop and have a fabulous time meeting and getting to know the 300 croppers that attend. We've made so many friends and have even signed up many new consultants up at Boyne. One of the reasons is that we show the incredible amount of products a person can get for just $99 plus shipping and handling. What you see below is the entire basket of our summer deal. It includes the new Miracle kit and if you check out my newsletter (see how to subscribe to the right) you can get an extra bonus for signing up just from me.

What's wonderful about the products that Close to my Heart put together for the new consultant kit is that everything matches. The inks and papers and embellishments are all meant to go together so you are set from the get go. Did you know that the minimum amount you need to sell to keep your 22% discount is only $300 in a quarter (that's 3 months to have your sales add up to $300). It's easy to do!

We set up a big rack to show off the artwork you can do with our mini albums and our idea books. Would you believe we sold out of every idea book that we brought (and we brought a lot)! Our idea books are the best product we sell in my opinion.

This year we borrowed a spinning rack to show off our accessories and embellishments. People had a lot of fun checking out the different goodies.

We were lucky enough to have a brand new catalog come out on the third day of the event so we hid the new products under this tablecloth with a "no peeking" sign. We revealed the brand new papers, stamp sets and accessories at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.

We bring many stamp sets to all the Boyne events and show people how to create with them. There's nothing like actually being able to see what you're stamping.

We wanted to say a big thank you to my downline, Connie Hagood, for lending us her new cool sign!!

We brought tons of our catalog/idea books for people to look at and buy including the brand new summer catalog. You can see that catalog online at my website Just click on "products."

The new Miracle kit is beautiful and I had such fun putting it together to show at Boyne. Did you know you can get it for just $5.00 with a $60 order. You can order from my website, just make sure to check the box for the Miracle kit down at the end of your order.

I'm a paper-a-holic so it's not surprising that we brought a lot of paper to sell, I don't think we ended up taking much home because there are a lot of paper-a-holics attending Boyne!

We are so lucky to see some of the same diehard scrappers again and again at each Boyne event. We love seeing and spending time with them and also meeting the new Boyne scrappers too. This event repeats twice a year and it's truly one of the best crops I've ever seen. For more info check out and click on the calender events for October. I believe they've already signed over 100 people so don't delay! Tell them Barbra sent you!

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  1. wow, makes me want to sign up again lol ;)