Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of news coming!

We're going to have another BIG website sale next month and I will be giving you the details this week.

See that big basket of brand new products on the Boyne Highlands post below? Right now I'm having a consultant special and you can find out the details on my newsletter so sign up HERE so you can find out all about it. So many people think there is a "catch" to buying the consultant kit that's worth more than $320.00 currently but there really isn't. You can simply buy it and never do another thing. I'm not a high pressure person and if you buy our kit only for the goodies in it (just $99 plus shipping)and for the discount the rest of your life I will not bug you to do more than that. I will share with you ideas on how to make money but it's up to you. There is so much you can get from Close to my Heart for free and I spell it out in my newsletter so sign up so you can read all about it. Also, you can go to sign up directly right HERE, put in my consultant number under the sponser information, 9324322.

Since we are having the website sale next month (an every day sale by the way) I will be posting lots of new tutorials throughout the month to show off our wonderful products! Hope to see you there, my website can be found HERE, remember the big sale won't start until June but even now we have some sales going on.

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  1. I just love your web design! You did a great job! Your scrapbook layout are so cute too and I just started following you to see what else you create! Thanks!