Monday, June 14, 2010

College Survival Kit - Part Two

At the request of one of my readers, here are the items in the college survival kit below. Please excuse the blurriness of the photos, I don't have the kit to retake photos. Here is a shower cap, face soap, bath soap (all from a hotel bathroom, ha ha), a manicure kit ($1.00 at the dollar store), and three altered magnets. All three were recycled, just recovered with the great Cherry O paper.

This is a new product from Close to my Heart, our recipe/card box. I filled it with a completed Sugar and Spice recipe card kit which is made with the colors of the Cherry O kit. This took just an hour to put together as all of our card kits do.

Here's the outside of the recipe box. You can see I used liquid glass on the Irresistibles flower accent.

I wrapped a pack of microwave popcorn with our paper, so cheap and easy! The candies are Hershey's nuggets wrapped up with Cherry O paper.

Here are a couple of mini notepads from the dollar store. I altered the coaster with a Cherry O, added an altered paper clip and attached post it notes.

The top left here is a gift card holder, at the bottom is a checkbook cover and to the right is a datebook holder. Almost everything here is less than $2.00 to make.

I took one of those big Hershey chocolate bars to really show off this chipboard star that I covered with liquid glass. Who doesn't need a little emergency chocolate? Below it is a Sweethearts candy wrapped up!

I found a couple of washclothes that matched the colors in the Cherry O set and wrapped them simply using leftover stickers from the recipe card kit. The hand soap got the same treatment.

This is Close to my Heart's journal book, so easy to alter.

I had this chipboard frame around forever, think I bought it at a craft store about 5 years ago. I just used my scraps to decorate it. All my daughter will need to do is attach her favorite picture in the middle. Wonder if it will be of Taylor Lautner?

Finally, I altered one of Close to my Heart clipboards, they are now on sale while supplies are available so make sure you pick up a few on my website, I decorated it, modge podge holds it altogether. A simple pad of notebook paper was decorate on the right bottom of each page with a stamp, how cute is that!!


  1. Thanks so much for posting! I can't decide which is my favorite. The whole thing is wonderful. What a lucky girl!

  2. how kool, these are all awesome!

  3. Yes I agree these are awesome. I just did a bunch of altered candles and note pad holders, I will have 2 post them as soon as I get my cam back from my dd. (she's at grandmas!)

  4. Wowie!!! I love all of this! I'm gonna have to lift your idea for the clipboard. I got one 2 years ago, and never decorated it yet.

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