Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a Twister!

First off I wanted to let you know that the June Jackpot special of the day is discounted Simple Snapshots album pages with a freebie of Color Ready alphabets if you hit the jackpot!

Now onto our adventure! Last night we were on our way to South Bend, Indiana at about 11:30 or so to pick up my husband's parents from the airport. There was a huge electrical thunderstorm with lightning flashing every second or so, extremely dramatic. All of a sudden, after receiving a call that the parents were evacuated from their plane, we turned around and the rain started. It was that kind of rain where you can't see five feet in front of you let alone the side of the road. We moved as slowly as we could trying to find a place to pull over and finally managed to find an overpass to hide under. We waited until the worst of it passed and then were able to get off the highway soon after. We arrived in Berrien Springs, Michigan and saw a path of debris up 139, people outside at nearly midnight with flashlights looking at the damage. This morning we went to Baroda to see what damage had occurred just miles from our house. You can see what we saw in both towns below.