Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Beauty of their Dreams

Some of you may have noticed that I've changed my blog name from Can't Stop Dreaming to Scrapping with Heart. Even though I made the switch so that it would be easier for people to know what my blog is about, I still love my former title and, in fact, it is the name of my Close to my Heart team.

I am a big believer in going after my dreams and I really can't think of too many that haven't come true. I think that Eleanor Roosevelt understood that too. October is her birthday month having been born way back in 1884. I love that someone born so long ago still had the same visions for the future as I do. I'm so glad that CTMH put this quote from her on their Aspiration stamp set. It says it all.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

I was inspired this morning by Vicki Wizniuk's gorgeous card. She is definitely a creative idol of mine. I made two cards, one for myself and an easier one for my upcoming card workshops. If you like the Aspiration stamp set, you can get one HERE!


  1. Beautiful cards! Thanks for the shout out! Great chatting with you yesterday... :)

  2. Thanks Vicki!! It's all due to you.

  3. I love this card! I already own this stamp set and it is one of my favorites