Friday, October 22, 2010

How to make money your way!

When I was younger I worked as a waitress in a Pizza Hut for about a year. I was living on my own at the time and in college so money was a big deal for me. One of things I loved about being a waitress was knowing that every time I worked, I would come home with cold hard cash. I think that's definitely a factor in working as an independent consultant for Close to my Heart too. Each time I do a party I know that I'll come home with money. It doesn't come in the form of tips like it did when I was a waitress, instead it's a commission but I still revel in the knowledge that I get to bring that cash home.

I don't know about you but I'm not big on having bosses. With Close to my Heart, I choose what I do for work, when I want to work and who I'll work with. There's noone looking over my shoulder to micro-manage me. What freedom!! Imagine being in control of your income, your schedule and how hard you work! I know exactly how many parties I can do to bring home the amount of money I need for the month. Right now I'm working a lot. Check out my calendar HERE to see. The reason is that my daughter's tuition is coming due in December and I will probably be paying for the majority of it out of my check. In January I could choose not to work so much for whatever reason, the beauty is that I decide.

There are a lot of advantages to joining Close to my Heart like I did that have nothing to do with what you can choose to earn money-wise but I'm not discussing those today. Instead I want to talk about what we all seem to need in these trying times. Cold, hard cash. Wouldn't you like to be the one who is control of your own income? What difference would just a $100.00 extra a month make to you? How about $300? How about more? The thing is, with Close to my Heart, you decide. Another thing is that YOU CAN START RIGHT AWAY! No waiting for that first check. Just like getting a tip, you can walk away with cash from your very first party. If you want to be in control, consider signing up with me and Close to my Heart and I'll show you how!

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