Monday, October 25, 2010

Re-inker Crazy!

I usually show you the cards, layouts and paper crafts I'm proud of, but today I want to show you a mistake of mine. I own a re-inker for most all of my inks and I went a little re-inker crazy this weekend and re-inked every one of my inkpads. Not a good idea. When I went to work on a new card today I found that my inkpad was way too wet and here are the results of my excessive re-inker use.

See how dark the distressing is on the sides? The distressing was messy and I had trouble keeping my thumb out of the wet ink too. Once I started stamping, the stamp picked up too much ink and it started to bleed right off of the stamp. On the flower below, there isn't a really crisp look, it's especially obvious on the Thank You.

Now the card still looks okay but it would be so much better if I'd just applied a light touch with the re-inkers AND also determined whether it was necessary to use the re-inker at all. If your stamp pad is inking your stamped images just fine, don't use the re-inker. Save it for when you start to notice that the color is just not showing like it used to.

Like all of you, I make lots of mistakes as I'm learning to be a decent paper crafter. I want to share them from time to time so you can skip right over that problem. Re-inkers are an important tool to have, just use them with care. I do recommend you have re-inkers on hand for your most used colors. Cocoa, chocolate, and black are a good place to start. If you need them as yet another handy tool from Close to my Heart, CLICK HERE to pick up a few.

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