Saturday, October 23, 2010

Top ten scrapbooking supplies on my wish list

1. All the Workshops on the Go - After finishing the Olivia Workshop Kit I'm now dying to buy the other three, Mistletoe, Hooligans, and Magnifique.

2. The 12 x 12 cardstock packs for the eight new colors! I actually own a package of cardstock in every color Close to my Heart has. It took awhile to buy or earn them all but it's been so worth it. I never have to worry that I have the cardstock to match my pattern paper.

3. The "how to" books. Magic, Cherish, Imagine, Reflections, Wishes, and Originals are all on my wish list. You'd think that I'd have them all after 2 1/2 years with CTMH, right? Well, I did, I've have them all several times but my customers keep buying them from me. Over and over again I've ended up selling my own copies because you all have to have it!! Right now I have zero again, that will change soon!

4. Studio J! I have a year membership so that my layouts are super cheap and I have plans on making some fast layouts for Christmas albums for my mother and mother in law. It takes less than 20 minutes generally to make a two page layout so I'll whip these out quickly!

5. The Party Pennants stamp set. I have seen this set used in so many cute ways that I'm just dying to have it!

6. Brads! These must be my most used embellishment because I'm always running out. I need them in every color too, how about you?

7. Hooligans Level 2 Assortment. These cute little felt monsters are so popular that they keep running out of them. They are self-adhesive and adorable and I need more!

8. Irresistibles. I'm obsessed with these ever since we had that great Miracle kit promotion. When you ink these, the white designs stay white. Imagine being able to color these shapes any color you need to match your pages. They are truly magic. See me color one HERE.

9. Sanding kit. I see in the new catalog that they've even changed the design of this pretty set. I am a big dry embosser, as you know, so I have to have sanding ability!

10. Finally I have to have another craft tray. I use this all the time in my card workshops (I have several coming up, check out my calendar) and one isn't enough for all of you glitter obsessed crafters!!

So, thanks for reading my shopping wish list. Do you have one too? I'd love to hear about what's on your list. Did you know that if you make a wish list and give it to me, I can call up your significant other and let them know what you REALLY want for Christmas? I can even wrap it up! Call me if you need that service provided to help you get what you want! (989) 906-6420


  1. I haven't prioritized (spelling) my items like I said I have a whole page filled out from the latest catolog. Almost every 2 pages has something I would buy and see myself using! Such a hard thing to just pick a few. May pass my wishes along for christmas gift ideas ;) even though I'm told once you have a child you don't get gifts any more.
    I agree with a few of your selections, the idea books, brads, card stock and workshop kits. I really love the creepy cobwebs, Snow flurries, heartfelt Christmas, Old world Alphabet stamps, card & envelopes set, and inks.

  2. Thanks Kimberly! Anyone else have a wish list to share?