Friday, November 19, 2010

How to add more photos to your layout

I have a confession to make. As cool as I thought our new Flip Flaps were, I hadn't sat down to actually use them on a layout....until yesterday. Wow! Is it possible to fall in love with a layout? If it is, I have!

How about 20 photos on a 2 page layout, and not teeny tiny photos, but nice sized ones that you can actually see! That's what you can do with these Flip Flaps? They come in 5 different sizes, 12 in one packet of 4 different sizes and 15 in the other one, all sized 4" by 6". They are amazing and, get this, just $3.95!!! Is there a better priced item than that?

Check this out, here are two Flip Flaps on this left hand page. The first large Flip Flap holds a title and a large mat, the second Flip Flap is to the right, about 4 inches across and holds 2 mats on the outside.

Open up the first Flip Flap and you have two more mats and the beginning of a second title that flow into the 12 x 12 page title. I love this!! Decorate your Flip Flaps the same way you do a regular layout with matching paper, mats and embellishments. I found the pattern for this layout in our new Magic book.

Open the second Flip Flap and you add another mat for a photo and a whole journaling block!

Here's page two of the two page 12 x 12 layout. I used two Flip Flaps of equal size on this one and added SIX new mats!

Flip up the top and you now have another journaling block and mat.

Flip down the bottom Flip Flap and you have another journaling block and mat. Can you see the possibilities?

Now, all you have to do to get your own Flip Flaps is to go to my website HERE!


  1. Hi Barbra - great to see you Saturday. Did you see I tagged you in a photo from the crop? Also, I would LOVE to see a mini-class on this for the Shipshewanna Crop weekend. Maybe have a preorder so we have the stuff on hand if we want to do the class? these are on my "must have" list but I'm still not certain to put them together even after seeing them at the crop at the CTMH table and another fellow cropper who made some pages with them.