Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to get started with digital scrapbooking

Do you remember when you first started scrapbooking? It didn't take long to really become obsessed with it, did it? Well, I'm a traditional scrapbooker but this week I've found a new obsession, digital scrapbooking with Studio J. It's Close to my Heart's program and it's been out about a year and I made a few layouts with it but this week, suddenly, I've become obsessed with it. That doesn't mean I'm giving up traditional scrapping at all, I'm a die-hard, but wow, I can't believe how fast and easy Studio J is. Yesterday, in less than 2 hours I made 8 complete two page layouts and bought them! Close to my Heart gives you a free jpeg with each layout if you are a member of Studio J so I'm going to share one a day with you all as I take you through the steps of acquiring your own Studio J obsession. If you don't need to be talked through it, just CLICK HERE to get started! More tomorrow!!!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL layout, and a GREAT memory!! Thanks for sharing this, you did a wonderful job with the digital end of things.