Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick tips for using Acrylix Stamps

Acrylix stamps are awesome but there are a few tips that will help you get even more value out of them.

1. In each of our stamp sets there is a thin foam sheet. Don't throw this away! This sheet is meant to go under your paper when you are stamping. It's a soft cushion for your stamp to sink down into to make the very best impression. The only time you might want to set the sheet aside is if you are stamping words. I find those tend to make better, crisper impressions on a flat hard surface.

2. When using our cool see through stamps you need a block to place them on. You want to find a block in the size closest to that of your stamp. If you use a block that's too small, not all of your stamp may get an equal application of ink. If you use a block that's too large you might pick up ink on the block that will mar your impression. If you do have a block that's too large and have no choice but to use it, place your stamp near the edge of the block so you have more control and be careful to not tip the block into the ink.

3. A clean stamp is your friend. Keep your stamps clean and they will stick to your block better. If they get messy from glitter you can simply wash them with some water in the sink (make sure the drain is closed)!! Stamps will tend to pinken a bit as you use them. This is normal. I just think that makes them easier to find when I drop them (for the umpteenth time). Our stamps are made with unique materials, take good care of them by using the proper cleaners, our Double Scrubber and My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner are just what you need.

4. When stamping, a good coat of ink is important. I usually twist my stamp on the ink a couple of times (gently) and then pat it on the ink so there are no "twisting" marks. When stamping, go straight down, do not wiggle the block back and forth. Press firmly and you're done!

5. One thing you can do with acrylix stamps that you can't do with the wooden ones is group them together on a block and stamp all at once. . Line up a whole title at once on one of our long 2" by 11" blocks. Group a bunch of posies on a block together and make a quick randomly stamped background. Make a whole Christmas scene with a Santa and his bag of toys. The possibilities are endless with acrylix stamps.

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