Thursday, November 11, 2010

Studio J - Adding titles and journaling

Hi and welcome to part six of my series on scrapbooking with Studio J. Today we're going to talk about adding titles and journaling to your page. Now maybe you're not a person who likes to journal and that's fine, BUT IT'S BEST IF YOU AT LEAST PUT NAMES, DATES AND PLACES WHEN SCRAPBOOKING. Those are important items down the line. We've all had that point where someone asked about a person in a picture and we had no idea who they were. Memories fade and we are lucky to have scrapbooking to help use remember special moments.

The Studio J templates already contain spaces for journaling and titles in the spots that they recommend and you can choose to use them or not. Lots of times they are just perfect and just need your words to complete them. Click on the title or journaling block and the menu bar will open up. You can change the font, the size of the font, the color of the font, whether it's bold, or contains italics. You can change how the text is centered or justified, you can move the whole block up or down or center it and you can increase or decrease the amount of distressing all in this menu.

If you put a check mark in the scale font box it will adjust your font size to where it will fit best. Hit edit text to change what you want written there. You can even use spell check!!

The last icon before the garbage can looks like a little head and torso. Click on that and the journal or title box changes to a photo opening instead!

You can adjust the size of the journaling box by clicking on the block and placing your mouse on the diagonal arrow, keep the mouse pressed down and slide the journaling box where you want it. There's also a rotate icon there too at your disposal.

If you don't like the title or journaling block at all, just hit the garbage icon and delete it.

If you decide to put a title or journaling box in a different space on your layout just go over to the text box on the far left menu. There you will find a quick-title tool. Slide it over to where you want it and as you type you'll get special lettering.

You also have a more typical title block with lots of different font choices that can be slid and edited wherever you like it and the same for a journaling block. The last place to find title elements is in the Stickease link in the menu on the far left. An alphabet set will appear that you can grab with your mouse and place anywhere on your layout. Easy as pie!! Now what are you waiting for, go start Studio J right now!

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