Friday, December 17, 2010

A different kind of consultant

I know that not everyone out there wants to be the type of consultant who does home parties. In fact, some people don't even do the traditional scrapbooking, they are into digital. Does this sound like you? What if all of your friends are into digital scrapbooking? Why should you sign up to be a Close to my Heart consultant?

Well, there are some excellent reasons to still sign up. You can be a consultant and only sell Studio J. Just imagine it, no trips to customer's houses to do parties, nothing to prepare, all you do is just show people how to scrapbook with Studio J (and that's easy), let them sign up for our reasonably priced memberships and your job is done! For every layout and membership they purchase you get a commission! How many jobs are that easy?

Another benefit is that when you sign up for your own Studio J membership (part of your beginner kit) you can get all of your own digital pages at an even bigger discount than your customers. Mine run me about $2.50 a page!!! If this sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, CLICK HERE and scroll down towards the bottom of the enrollment page to see what you'll get for your sign up fee. If you want to go the Studio J route, sign up for the year's membership and the website for a year so your friends can access Studio J there. You still get to choose one more item too!! You are free to call or email me (info above in the title block) and we can talk about it!!

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