Sunday, December 26, 2010

So much product, So little time!!

Did you hear that Close to my Heart is switching from three catalogs a year to two? The new catalog is going to be thicker and PACKED with so many wonderful goodies your head will spin!

In the meantime, that means a lot has to go and go it will. Everything you see here is on the retired list which means it will be gone by the end of 2010. Don't miss out on your favorites. Find them here, while supplies last. MY WEBSITE

Z1214 Brads Summer Carnival
Z1216 Brads Winter Cozy
Z1212 Brads Spring Harmony
Z1220 Twinkle Brads Jolly
Z1218 Brads Basic
Z1213 Brads Spring Blossom
Z1217 Brads Metal
Z1219 Brads Essential
Z1215 Brads Autumn Harvest
Z1317 Designer Brads Splendor
Z1036 Clear Inspirations Clear Buttons
Z1155 Craft Buttons Clear
Z1282 Craft Buttons Summer
Z1283 Craft Buttons Autumn
Z1281 Craft Buttons Spring
Z1206 Craft Buttons Basics
Z1284 Craft Buttons Winter
Z1285 Craft Buttons Holiday
X5750 Color-Ready Alphabets Bold
Z1115 Dimensional Elements Simple Numbers
Z1019 Dimensional Elements Fresh Shapes
Z1139 Dimensional Elements Perennials
Z1047 Dimensional Elements Simple Alphabets Upper
Z1048 Dimensional Elements Simple Alphabets Lower
Z1230 Dimensional Elements In Color Organic Buttons
Z1145 HeartFelt Die-Cuts Whimsy
Z1162 Foam Die-Cuts Numbers
Z1158 Dimensional Elements In Color Adventure
Z1159 Badge Buttons
Z1150 Stardust Flexi Labels
Z1148 Pretty Pins
Z1210 HeartFelt Wonder
Z1053 Clear Inspirations Tags
Z1270 Soft Suede Pin Wheels
Z1272 Top Coats Rockin
Z1033 Just Blooms Big Pinks
Z822 Just Blooms Summer Posies
X1407 Journaling Spots Love Always
X1409 Journaling Spots Journey
Z1315 Fancy Fuzz Zippidee
Z1318 Marks Passages
Z1319 Opaques Cherry-O
Z1287 Edge Anchors Rustic
Z1286 Edge Anchors Vintage
Z1161 FoundryTabs
Z293 Photo Hangers
X285 Metal Rimmed Tags Circles
Z291 Hinge Pack
Z1032 Metal Rimmed Tags Flowers
Z1288 Edge Anchors Heritage
Z1035 Edge Anchors Cottage
Z1271 Tiny Tabs
Z1136 Mini Medley White Daisy
Z1121 Mini Medley Holiday
Z1119 Mini Medley Autumn Garden
Z1118 Mini Medley Spring Blossom
Z1120 Mini Medley Winter Cozy
X1408 Fancy Cuts Borders
Z1041 Expressives Font CD Volume II
X1405 Fancy Cuts Botanicals
X301 Weekly Calendar
Z1165 Mini Album Kraft with Jute
Z1117 My Creations Acrylic Mini Album
Z1132 My Pages Talk Voice Recorder
Z1291 My Creations Artboard
Z1052 Designer Ribbon Ricrac
Z1095 Embroidery Floss Yellow & Orange Assortment
Z1034 Designer Ribbon Black
Z1099 Bulk Twill 3/8
Z1122 Designer Ribbon Hollyhock
Z1138 Designer Ribbon Blush
Z1127 Designer Ribbon Chocolate
Z100 Organdy White Daisy 5/8
Z1123 Designer Ribbon Sorbet
Z1124 Designer Ribbon Heavenly Blue
Z209 OrgandyWhiteDaisy3/8
Z1131 Designer Ribbon Crème Brulee
Z1129 Designer Ribbon Outdoor Denim
Z1101 Bulk Black Grosgrain 3/8
Z1128 Waxy Flax Blush
Z1087 Waxy Flax Sunflower
Z1222 Glitter Rub-Ons Winter Cheer
Z1098 Rub-Ons Love Letters
Z1153 Rub-Ons All-Out Adventure
Z1135 Rub-Ons Love Story
Z1097 Rub-Ons Nature's Ambiance
Z1221 Glitter Rub-ons Remarks
Z4108 Snapease Album System 6x6
Z4109 Snapease Album System 9x9
Z4125 My Legacy Album Protectors 6x6
Z4124 My Legacy Album Protectors 9x9
Z4117 12x12 Four Pocket Photo Storage Pages (10)
Z4116 Memory Protector Value Pack Matte 12x12 (50)
Z4123 My Legacy Album Protectors 12x12
Z4118 Memory Protector Clear 9x9 (10)
4112 Memory Protectors Clear 6x6 (10)
Z4130 Spine Expanders 9x9 (10)
Z1251 My Legacy Linen Album Black 6x6
Z1197 My Legacy Linen Album Dark Cocoa 9x9
Z1200 My Legacy Linen Album Dark Cocoa 6x6
1154 My Legacy Album Leather English Tan 12X12
1155 My Legacy Album Simulated Dark Blue 12X12
1159 My Legacy Album Simulated Black 12X12
Z1250 My Legacy Linen Album Black 9x9
1153 My Legacy Album Leather Black 12X12
Z1201 My Legacy Linen Album Hollyhock 12x12
Z1188 My Legacy Linen Album Black 12x12
Z1184 My Legacy Linen Album Outdoor Denim 12x12
Z1196 My Legacy Linen Album Dark Cocoa 12x12
Z1183 My Legacy Linen Album Garden Green 12X12
Z1182 My Legacy Linen Album Cranberry 12x12
1151 My Legacy Album Leather Burgundy 12X12
Z902 Soft Chalks Spring
Z903 Soft Chalks Summer
Z904 Soft Chalks Autumn
Z905 Soft Chalks Winter
Z650 Embossing Powder Clover Meadow
Z651 Embossing Powder Star Spangled Blue
Z653 Embossing Powder Sunny Yellow
Z2309 Marker Bubblegum
Z2338 Marker Orange
Z2313 Marker Clover Meadow
Z2329 Marker Hydrangea
Z2312 Marker Citrus Leaf
Z2336 Marker Ocean
Z2358 Marker Watermelon
Z2349 Marker Star Spangled Blue
Z1556 Marker Set Summer Celebration
Z1551 Marker Set Summer Carnival
Z2249 Reinker Star Spangled Blue
Z2209 Reinker Bubblegum
Z2229 Reinker Hydrangea
Z2236 Reinker Ocean
Z2238 Reinker Orange
Z2258 Reinker Watermelon
Z2212 Reinker Citrus Leaf
Z2213 Reinker Clover Meadow
Z2112 Stamp Pad Citrus Leaf
Z2138 Stamp Pad Orange
Z2109 Stamp Pad Bubblegum
Z2158 Stamp Pad Watermelon
Z2136 Stamp Pad Ocean
Z2113 Stamp Pad Clover Meadow
Z2129 Stamp Pad Hydrangea
Z2149 Stamp Pad Star Spangled Blue
Z1566 Stamp Pad Set Summer Celebration
Z1561 Stamp Pad Set Summer Carnival
Z801 Ribbon Round Organizer
Z4202 Rolling Carryall
Z183 My Accents Organizer
X5671 Textured Cardstock White Daisy
1228 Cardstock 12x12 Citrus Leaf
1281 Cardstock 12x12 Orange
X5681 Textured Cardstock Spring Harmony
X5702 Cardstock Combo 8.5x11 Summer Celebration
X5665 Cardstock 9x9 White Daisy (24)
1229 Cardstock 12x12 Clover MeadowX5745 Textured Cardstock Summer Celebration
X1412 Cardstock 8.5x11 Black
1231 Cardstock 12x12 Bubblegum
X5688 Cardstock Combo 8.5x11 Summer Carnival
1226 Cardstock 12x12 Watermelon
X5683 Cardstock Combo 12X12 Summer Carnival
1233 Cardstock 12x12 Star Spangled Blue
X1411 Cardstock 8.5x11 Colonial White
X5697 Cardstock Combo 12x12 Summer Celebration
X5807 Creative Basics Animal Cookies
X5808 Creative Basics Jingle
X5806 Creative Basics Emporium
X5810 Creative Basics Cherry-O
X5809 Creative Basics Vernada
X8623 Around The Holidays My Originals Card Kit
X8624 Bits & Pieces My Originals Card Kit
X8622 Its Your Day My Originals Card Kit
X8621 Hello Birdie My Originals Card Kit
X8616 Lets Get Together My Originals Card Kit
X8619 Happy Everything My Originals Card Kit
X8618 Cute As A Button My Originals Card Kit
X8625 Sugar & Spice My Originals Card Kit
X7100A My Reflections Perfect Day Level 1
X7100B My Reflections Perfect Day Paper Packet
X7100C Perfect Day My Stickease
X7103A My Reflections Aspen Level 1
X7103C Aspen My Stickease
X7103B My Reflections Aspen Paper Packet
X7097C Game On My Stickease
X7097A My Reflections Game On Level 1 Kit
X7097B My Reflections Game On Paper Packet
X7101A My Reflections Magic Moments Level 1
X7101B My Reflections Magic Moments Paper Packet
X7101C Magic Moments My Stickease
X7104A My Reflections Evensong Level 1
X7104B My Reflections Evensong Paper Packet
X7104C Evensong My Stickease
X7081C Majestic Blue My Stickease
X7081A My Reflections Majestic Blue Level 1
X7081B My Reflections Majestic Blue Paper Packet
X7102A My Reflections Notebook Level 1
X7102C Notebook My Stickease
X7102B My Reflections Notebook Paper Packet
X7116C Sweet Home My Stickease
X7116B My Reflections Sweet Home Paper Packet
X7116A My Reflections Sweet Home Level 1
X7070A My Reflections Simple Pleasures Level 1
X7070B My Reflections Simple Pleasures Paper Packet
X7070C Simple Pleasures My Stickease
X7075A My Reflections More To Adore Level 1
X7075C More To Adore My Stickease
X7075B My Reflections More To Adore Paper Packet
X7095A My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Level 1 Kit
X7095C Boom-Di-Ada MyStickease
X7095B My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Paper Packet
X7117C Grace My Stickease
X7117A My Reflections Grace Level 1
X7117B My Reflections Grace Paper Packet
X7110C Back Country My Stickease
X7110A My Reflections Back Country Level 1
X7110B My Reflections Back Country Paper Packet
X7115A My Reflections Jingle Level 1
X7115B My Reflections Jingle Paper Packet
X7115C Jingle My Stickease
X7118C Twitterpated My Stickease
X7118B My Reflections Twitterpated Paper Packet
X7118A My Reflections Twitterpated Level 1
X7098C Sarsaparilla My Stickease
X7098A My Reflections Sarsaparilla Level 1 Kit
X7098B My Reflections Sarsaparilla Paper Packet
X7092B My Reflections Good Times Paper Packet
X7092C Good Times My Stickease
X7092A My Reflections Good Times Level 1
X7106A My Reflections Unforgettable Level 1
X7106C Unforgettable My Stickease
X7106B My Reflections Unforgettable Paper Packet
X7096A My Reflections Blue Ribbon Level 1 Kit
X7096B My Reflections Blue Ribbon Paper Packet
X7096C Blue Ribbon My Stickease
X7114C Bella My Stickease
X7114A My Reflections Bella Level 1
X7114B My Reflections Bella Paper Packet
X7107C That's Amore My Stickease
X7107A My Reflections That's Amore Level 1
X7107B My Reflections That’s Amore Paper Packet
X7091A My Reflections It’s a Guy Thing Level 1
X7091B My Reflections It’s a Guy Thing Paper Packet
X7091C It's A Guy Thing My Stickease
X7111A My Reflections Moon Doggie Level 1
X7111B My Reflections Moon Doggie Paper Packet
X7111C Moon Doggie My Stickease
X7112C Animal Cookies My Stickease
X7112A My Reflections Animal Cookies Level 1
X7112B My Reflections Animal Cookies Paper Packet
X7105A My Reflections Emporium Level 1
X7105B My Reflections Emporium Paper Packet
X7105C Emporium My Stickease
X7119A My Reflections Veranda Level 1
X7119C Veranda My Stickease
X7119B My Reflections Veranda Paper Packet
X7113A My Reflections Tinkerin Level 1
X7113C Tinkerin My Stickease
X7113B My Reflections Tinkerin Paper Packet
X7090A My Reflections Silhouette Level 1
X7090C Silhouette My Stickease
X7090B My Reflections Silhouette Paper Packet
X7109C Stardust My Stickease
X7109B My Reflections Stardust Paper Packet
X7109A My Reflections Stardust Level 1
X7108A My Reflections Daydream Level 1
X7108B My Reflections Daydream Paper Packet
X7108C Daydream My Stickease
X7122C You Rock My Stickease
X7122A My Reflections You Rock Level 1
X7122B My Reflections You Rock Paper Packet
X7125C My Stickease Zippidee
X7125B My Reflections Zippidee Paper Packet
X7125A My Reflections Zippidee Level 1 Kit
X7123A My Reflections Cherry-O Level 1 Kit
X7123C My Stickease Cherry-O
X7123B My Reflections Cherry-O Paper Packet
X7120C Topstitch My Stickease
X7120B My Reflections Topstitch Paper Packet
X7120A My Reflections Topstitch Level 1
X7126B My Reflections Passages Paper Packet
X7126C My Stickease Passages
X7126A My Reflections Passages Level 1 Kit
X7124A My Reflections Splendor Level 1 Kit
X7124C My Stickease Splendor
X7124B My Reflections Splendor Paper Packet
X7121C Caboodle My Stickease
X7121B My Reflections Caboodle Paper Packet
X7121A My Reflections Caboodle Level 1
X5748 My Stickease Journaling Prompts Seasons
X5746 My Stickease Journaling Prompts About Me
X8535 Simply Snapshots Grace
X8536 Simply Snapshots You Rock
X8534 Simply Snapshots Moon Doggie
X8533 Simply Snapshots That's Amore
Z727 EZ Chalk Applicators
Z728 Soft Chalk Eraser
Z1205 Tweezers
B1212 Little Treasures
B1225 Solos A
B1226 Solos B
B1227 Solos C
B1228 Solos D
B1229 Solos E
B1230 Solos F
B1231 Solos G
B1232 Solos H
B1233 Solos I
B1234 Solos J
B1235 Solos K
B1236 Solos L
B1237 Solos M
B1238 Solos N
B1239 Solos O
B1240 Solos P
B1241 Solos Q
B1242 Solos R
B1243 Solos S
B1244 Solos T
B1245 Solos U
B1246 Solos V
B1247 Solos W
B1248 Solos X
B1249 Solos Y
B1250 Solos Z
B1269 Journaling Jots
B1286 Solos 1
B1287 Solos 2
B1288 Solos 3
B1289 Solos 4
B1290 Solos 5
B1291 Solos 6
B1292 Solos 7
B1293 Solos 8
B1294 Solos 9
B1295 Solos 0
B1296 Joy Forever
B1297 Heartfelt
B1298 Be Happy
B1305 Yeehaw
B1306 Cottage Floral
B1307 Whimsical Wings
B1308 Remember This
B1311 Summer Sweetness
B1314 Inspiration
B1315 Code It
B1316 Coffee Stain
B1318 Magic Moments
B1320 Adoration
B1321 Reach for the Stars
B1326 He Is Risen
B1327 Struck by Love
B1328 Backwoods
B1329 Shore is Fun
B1330 Surprise
B1331 Ocean Treasure
B1334 Enjoy the Journey
B1342 In the Game­-Wrestling
B1344 In the Game-Lacrosse
B1345 Forever in Love
C1220 You're Special
C1234 Simple Stitches
C1257 Happy Birthday
C1277 Catch Of The Day
C1278 Library Cards
C1288 Playful Petals
C1291 Gift Of Love
C1293 Wonderful Season
C1297 Lovely Lace
C1299 Butterfly Kiss
C1300 Just Like You
C1304 Sans Alphabet
C1307 Western Flourishes
C1308 Be True
C1310 Happiness
C1311 Lucky Stars
C1313 Celebration Bouquet
C1315 Hero's Pride
C1316 Dog's Life
C1317 Paw Print
C1322 Gratitude
C1323 Whooo Loves You
C1326 Frosty Borders
C1336 You're Adored
C1341 Motherhood
C1343 Happy Endings
C1344 Peace, Joy, and Harmony
C1347 Ms. on the Go
C1348 Ravishing Roses
C1352 You Are Beautiful
C1357 Botanical Borders
C1358 Surf's Up
C1367 Lights, Camera, Action
C1388 Rock Star
C1389 So Sweet
C1392 In the Game-Soccer
C1393 In the Game-Play Ball
C1400 Encore
C1410 Fruitful Delight
C1412 Freedom
C1413 Go Green
D1011 In The Wild
D1128 Holiday Jubilee
D1194 All My Love
D1200 Adorable Backgrounds
D1201 Frame Of Mind
D1204 Delight In Everything
D1207 Vintage Postcard
D1208 Ticket Tags
D1212 Playful Flourishes
D1214 Spice Of Life
D1217 Free Spirit
D1221 Delightful Alphabet
D1227 Legendary Moments
D1237 Star Struck
D1248 Flower Child
D1249 Baby Miracles
D1250 Extreme Caps
D1251 Brilliant Backgrounds
D1252 Checklist
D1255 Thoughts Of You
D1259 Eastertime
D1260 Endless Love
D1261 Simple Beauty
D1262 Express Postage
D1263 Blooming Flourishes
D1276 Vintage USA
D1281 Footprints
D1284 With Love
D1285 Life's A Jungle
D1286 Today's Date
D1292 Home of the Free
D1293 Enjoy Your Journey
D1294 Play Time
D1302 Winter Memories
D1304 Life's Creation
D1316 Bon Voyage
D1329 Noteworthy
D1331 Dream Wishes
D1334 Reminisce
D1338 Bird Basics
D1343 Love Language
D1344 Ms. Gardener
D1345 Ms. Sweetheart
D1351 You've Got Flair
D1358 Childhood
D1362 Happy Healing
D1389 Ornate Ornaments-English
D1390 Ornate Ornaments-French
D1391 Ornate Ornaments-Spanish
D1405 Leave Your Mark
D1412 Noted Backgrounds
D1429 Vegetable Garden
D1430 Theme Park
E1008 Stitch Alphabet
E1009 Building Block Alphabet

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