Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas layouts from New Year's Day!

We had a second mini-Christmas on New Year's Day when my brother's family came up from Illinois. Luckily, with Studio J I was able to whip out some more quick and easy layouts right away. They'll go into my Christmas 2010 album. Since I did all the layouts in the same paper, everything will be very uniform and beautiful.

I wanted to give you a little tip about making a title and ending page for your albums in case you fill an entire one like I did. Just because there are photo spots on the template you choose doesn't mean you have to use them for photos. You can actually hit the little garbage can button and get rid of them altogether as I did on the "Players" page. It originally had 3 photo spots on it. I just got rid of them and added journaling boxes instead. Did you know that Studio J has an application where it will help you line up the journaling blocks (or the brads or buttons or whatever) so they are perfectly even and straight? I love it!

On the top page here, my title page for the album, I changed the one photo block to a journaling block instead. There is a little button right on the tool bar that lets you do this easily. I then added a title instead of a photo along with a ton of cute Stickease that I layered around the half circle. Now, when these come in the mail this week I will just put the page below on the first page of my album and the 2nd one on the last page of my album, so simple! I hope you enjoy looking at these layouts and that they inspire you to at least try out Studio J (remember, it's free unless you want them printed and sent to you, just play with it)!! You can do that RIGHT HERE!

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