Monday, January 10, 2011

Taming the Closet Monster Part Four

Here's part four of my closet monster posts. Please scroll down to see parts 1-3.

I went through all of my finished 12 x 12 layouts and put them in albums that still had spaces. Remember that I scrapbook by theme so the pages can go anywhere in the theme album, I do not scrap chronologically. I then labeled the outside of all the albums with the theme they contained. I was hoping that I could fill the upstairs closet with albums that were completely filled but I ended up with too many full albums so some are still downstairs in my craft room.

Now I am not a person who likes to have to unscrew, unbuckle or take out straps to add more pages, I find it to be a big pain. I could actually fit some more of the pages into some of these albums but am truly too lazy to have to open them up at this point but it is my goal down the line. In the meantime I will be purchasing one to two albums a month to put in the rest of these pages. You can see them on the top of these white albums (which also need to be replaced). The level of pages has definitely gone down and half of these are actually insert pages and page protectors for the albums so I really have less than 25 pages that need a place to go.

For the stack of 8 1/2 by 11 Christmas pages that I had to remove from an album that was beginning to mold I had to take more desperate measures. I have these file folder portable crates and stuck them in there until I can find albums in this size that I like. I have two full crates of these already, not good.

Finally I looked through all of the mini albums that were finished but didn't include photos and chose these four to sell at the Shipshewana crop my team is throwing at the end of the month. The mini albums that were personalized or are unfinished went into my bookshelves in my craft room, ready for use.

My box of digital dvds is much more organized now. I have started uploading some of them into my photo files. I have already starting scrapbooking some of them with Studio J too. The negatives still need work but I've run out of time so they will sit for another time.

I have one more stack to go through, it's finished pages without photos. I have to look through them, decide which to keep and which to sell. I plan on taking the ones I want to keep with me to the crop and actually USE THEM!! I hope that you've been inspired to take on one of your closets or any scrapbooking or stamping "monster" that you've been putting off. I do feel a lot better about my closet now. I know that albums are a necessity for me, if they are for you too, check them out HERE!

Remember that getting albums is a lot cheaper when you are a Close to my Heart consultant. If I buy 6 albums from myself I will get a free stamp of the month and $25 in free products PLUS 22% back in commission. That's about $81 in free products that I didn't have to spend. Wouldn't you like to get in on this type of buying? You can right HERE!

I have three new card tutorials coming up. My favorite will be in my newsletter only on Tuesday, January 17th, so make sure you've signed up at the upper right of my blog. The other will be up tomorrow.

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