Sunday, April 17, 2011


Okay, it's a rare event but I made a mistake! (Okay, maybe not that rare). When I went back to add up the total free and discounted products for this box of goodies I realized that I messed up and the entire box didn't cost me $79.95, it was $149.82. Not quite as good as what I originally posted but still a great deal, so I hope you'll forgive me for getting it wrong.

Still, we have a winner!!!!! Both Samantha and Cheryl were right so Samantha wins since she's the non-consultant. Congratulations to Samantha!

Here's how I did it. This is something that either a hostess or a consultant can do except that a hostess won't get the consultant discount.

It's called EZinvite. I set a date for an ONLINE GATHERING last month and sent out an EZinvite. An EZinvite is an invitation to my party by email. I started sending out invitations on March 2nd and kept calling people and getting orders all month. Some of you know I had an online crop, I had orders from that, I had orders from plenty of other people throughout the month BECAUSE I kept calling, kept reminding them, kept letting them know when the clearance items came up for sale and about the Level One kits going for free with a $100 order. It takes work but less than cleaning your house and making up a snack for a regular party.

As a consultant I can bring in more orders than the average hostess' party but still, with some effort, any hostess can have her own online through her consultant (me!!) and never have to leave the house to get herself a big bunch of free products.

On April 1st, I closed out the order which ended up being just over $850 which gave me.....$160 in free select product and 4 items at 50% off! I also took my consultant discount of $17.55 (that's just on this order only, I also earned commission earlier on every single order that resulted from this EZinvite - over $200).

All the cardstock was then free, so were the ink pads. Both of the distressing kits were 1/2 off and so was the Say it in Style stamp set and the Circle Around stamp set. That resulted in a SAVINGS of $54.42 just in the discounted items! Added together that's $214.42 that I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY, not including my commission which I also didn't have to pay. That's more than what I did end up paying and look at everything I received!!!

You can do this too! Have a party with me, we can make it a month long and you can call, email and invite all your friends to your "online" party, no muss, no fuss. You can collect orders all month long while they peruse either the online catalog or a real one (I'll give you some to pass out). People from all over the United States can then participate in your party so you won't even need to keep it local! The EZinvite orders ship directly to the buyer's house!! That saves you or me from having to deliver their products, another bonus! Once your gathering date has passed you'll have 90 days to close out your party with me and choose all of your free and discounted products. Remember that you still have to pay postage and tax on some of the items but still, it will be cheap!! Call or email me (all numbers in the title block at the top of this page) to book your online party with me!

If you are ready to sign up to be a consultant and make this whole thing even better by earning a commission too, listen to this. In the month of May our new consultant sign up kit is going to be

HALF PRICE!!!! Yes, you read that right, half price!!!

Starting May 1st you can join my team and I'll show you how to get free products, earn money for those dreams I know you have and have an incredible time making friends with other consultants and a whole slew of new customer friends! It's changed my life and I know it can change yours!! So, if you are ready to sign up, contact me so we can get you your half priced kit on May 1st!!!

In the meantime, remember, these are the kinds of deals you'll be able to get for yourself with the EZinvite. Wow!

16 packs of 12 x 12 cardstock
A Fanfare Workshop on the go
A Bliss Workshop on the go
3 stamp sets, Say It In Style, Circle Together and the Hope for Japan stamp set
A package of clear cards
A package of waxy Flax
2 distressing tool kits
2 ink pads
A package of resealable bags to hold paper


  1. Wow! condratulations! good deal!
    I suppose the actual cost is aprox.130 doll.

  2. My guess is around 363.25....that is quite a deal if I am right! Wow DOES that happen?

  3. I see my clear cards and waxy flax!! :) $356.05!! Of course I'm waiting...patiently!!! HAVE TO KNOW HOW, PLEEEEEEEASE???


  4. Okay, I got the same as Samantha - $356.05. Don't put me in the drawing, but I really want to know how you got that product for such a low price! Please tell us, we're dying here. LOL.